Ravens Empty the Nest

Discussion in 'Vancouver Ravens Forum' started by Sonny Sixkiller, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Sonny Sixkiller

    Sonny Sixkiller New Member

    Monday the Ravens are to announce the franchise has folded. Some last minute player movements are still being attempted on Sunday before all players are given their outright release.

    Jim Jennings should be ashamed. :(
  2. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member


    i have no idea if what you say will come to pass but it does appear that they are clearly on life support. vancouver is beginning to remind me of baltimore - it's a city of lacrosse players but not lacrosse spectators. whereas i have always respected ex-thunder owner dennis townsend for doing all that he could whereas ravens' ownerships seem to go out of their way to screw it up, it does appear that owner expectations are out of balance w/ their revenue. it is practically beyond the unbelievable that in 3 winters you could have 2 ownerships vacate the team no later than a 1/3 into the season, let alone in preseason. what bills are due this early that could be putting the squeeze on the ravens apart from lease committment fees - supposedly gm place charges an arm, a leg, and a couple ribs while we're at it - stupifies me.
    now if the ravens goal was to get all the wla regular watchers, well that won't do it. the calgary group realized that they are not in a box hotbed like toronto or vancouver and marketed this team accordingly. i think rheinhart came on board w/ rose colored glasses and it looks much the same w/ kalra. they think that its vancouver just a stones yhrow from the gaits birthplace, how could i go wrong? hey ask any saints players or fans that just being located in a city w/ a lacrosse tradition means squat if you don't execute a game plan that connects w/ the joe fan.
    move 'em to moline where any owner will have to be serious to get the word out and knows that it will take substantial capital to do so.
  3. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big New Member

    As a fan eager to watch some LIVE NLL action, I can't help but harp on the lack of exposure this league gets and provides for its teams. How many postings in hear have you seen where some writes that people in the cities with NLL teams have never heard of their team??

    Dougm, you mentioned Baltimore, and though they love lax and are full of lax players, I hear their biggest problem was venue. Second hand info, because I never saw a game from their arena. Vancouver has a fine facility, but no interest from the city. Why? My bet is lack of knowledge about the team.

    Or, perhaps, this ownwer, who alo owns a soccer team in San Diego, is setting up a California move for next season?
  4. Bones

    Bones New Member


    Where did you hear this???
  5. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    i might be the only soul on the planet that liked the baltimore arena. it had nothing in comfort but could hold noise like no other arena even if half filled. it was a sardine can that was kinda like on the border where the inner harbor met the inner city. now mind you my sister & i would drive to balt only for the wings' games but the biggest problem was the parking garage that i think only had 1-exit tunnel. you could had passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning by the time you got your car out. i guess the baltimore arena is alot like homewood stadium on the johns hopkins campus where the bayhawks played 2 of their 3 summers before pitifully small crowds. i would say only the bravest of the brave ever got there.
    but my belief is that you could had built the taj mahal in the inner harbor itself and the thunder crowds would not had changed that much.
  6. stickdoctor

    stickdoctor New Member

    Re: Re: Ravens Empty the Nest

    out of his ***, most likely....
  7. oldwoodie

    oldwoodie New Member

    once more the stick-dick-ter weighs in with nothing more than invective (hows that for a two bit word eh?). you do seem abnormally obsessed with the exit region I am starting to worry about you i hope you are being paid well and will of course apolgize to everyone who you dump on in due course.
  8. stickdoctor

    stickdoctor New Member

    it was a bit of repetition, but it was chosen for effect given that sonny-boy appears to be your southern-fried sister-chasin' barnyard-fowl-catching inbred clone.

    Paid well? I do wonder if you're being paid by someone who wants to buy a franchise cheap...given the Ravens franchise would be up for grabs if current ownership folds.

    Apologize? For what...I calls 'em as I sees 'em...and you started this little brouhaha with your dinky little hairtrigger the first time someone questioned one of your fabrica..... ahem, posts.

    One little flaw in both your, sonny's and mtbf's theories....The idea is that the Ravens are making a last-ditch effort to sell players for cash. Why would any team pay the Ravens cash? If the money situations are as dire as claimed by some and as many people owed as claimed by some, all another team has to do is encourage the player they want to file a grievance (with a little cash under the table encouragement, perhaps) and be declared a free agent, then sign them, a la Miyashita.

    Sorry, but I don't buy it.

    We will see tomorrow, but somehow I don't think we will see any apology from sonny-boy if the Ravens don't fold .... and we sure as hell won't see one from you if management gets things straightened out.
  9. lax28

    lax28 New Member

    fingers crossed that they don't fold

    No nhl, cfl is almost over, and very little tv coverage of the nll to begin with--the ravens can't fold! i'll lose my mind with only being able to catch a few giants games here and there and no lacrosse.
  10. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    The website at http://www.vancouverravens.com is still up and running, and there's nothing at any of the following websites:
    that even breathe a hint of the fact that the Vancouver Ravens are even thinking of calling a press conference at any date in the near or remote future...
  11. Tom Wersderfer

    Tom Wersderfer Active Member

    You aren't the only one. I loved going to games in Baltimore because the Arena is easy to get to (only 90 miles from my house) plus parking was easy and you were close to the inner harbor. I like the building because it has a smaller floor and even if you sit at center floor you can still see boths ends of the floor better than any other building in the league. Plus it was a more laid back atmosphere at the Arena. I used to drive down there for games myself, even when the Wings were'nt playing there. It was a great way to see "neutral" teams play each other.

    It was great to be able to get to the building an hour or two before game time and get great seats right at mid-field too. Of course the fact that you could get those great seats so close to game time was part of the problem that the team didn't survive in Baltimore because the crowds were so small.
  12. Crosse

    Crosse New Member

    Just a thought

    I thought everyone might be interested in knowing that the team is still in the process of signing players. Please check out the transaction page from www.nll.com

    Dated: Nov 15 / 04

    VANCOUVER RAVENS: Re-signed forwards Luke Ansley, Curt Malawsky, Kevin Olson, Graham Palmer, and Cam Sedgwick, and defensemen Chris McKay, Bruce Murray, Aaron Smith, Jordan Sundher, and Rob Williams, and goaltender Nick Patterson all to one-year contracts. Signed forwards Tyler Heavenor, Nick Jones, Joshua Joseph, defensemen Matt Levesque, John Panichelli, and Noah Talbot, and goaltender Joe Bell all to one-year contracts. Released forward Jamie Raffan and goaltender Scott Wylie.

    More to come.
  13. Bones

    Bones New Member

    Sonny, I thought you top be a reliable source. What up, doc?
  14. halfcent

    halfcent New Member

    thats good news, because the last info on their website is from Oct. 25 talking about the draft picks. Then of course you could jump over to their season tickets sales and low and behold we are back in the 2003 -2004 season. But that may be good news because if you go to the team roster they still have Chris Pratt and Big Bruce Alexander and many more fan favourites on the roster. Yes it is great to have Vancouver up and running.

    I hope everone is able to read my sarcasm in my writing.
  15. Sonny Sixkiller

    Sonny Sixkiller New Member

    Flame On - Fantastic Four

    Lying. :rotfl: Hardly, I truly wish Vancouver were alive and well and players could ply there trade in their hometown! Not that this is a laughing matter! Kill the messenger, no problem I can handle the heat those in the know (shooter2) understand this not a fabrication.

    I used to be a season ticket holder and will not renew for fear of never seeing that money again. Should someone step up to right this ship in a fiscally responsible manner, I would be back.

    Source realiable? It is a well connected inside the league (NLL)source and I'll say no more as if announcements are to be made soon or they can come up with the money to end their cash calls, something is about to break. As several GM'S in the league are circling the Ravens Roster as we type.

    Keep in mind I didn't state the Ravens had WMD's to sell an invasion plan. The RAVENS are in deep trouble which is not news but to bury ones head in the sand or wherever meathead (one of the fantastic Four) want to bury their heads is beyond me. All is not sunny in Lotusland. So flame on human torches but I stand by my claim (as told to me). It is no surprise to me that deadlines come and go with no announcements as this gang is famous for letting deadlines and deals pass by while ignoring them hoping all will go away as if it never happened.The season is upon us and yes some are in camp (wondering about their future)while others are deferring decisions prudently.
  16. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    As I have said in many of my previous posts: If I'm wrong, I'll cop to it, I'll admit it, but until I'm proven wrong, I'm sticking with my belief that the Ravens will be around for next season.

    If the team folds, the fans really will have no one to blame but themselves. It's not fair to blame the owners.

    The National Lacrosse League is a gate-driven business. You can't have a team averaging 4000 - 5000 a night and pull a profit unless you own the arena that you're playing in. If you don't own the arena, you need to average 10 000 - 12 000 a night just to break even, and if you aren't getting the fans in the stands, you can't pay anyone, and if you can't pay anyone, players will leave, so the only way to draw people in is through advertising, but if there's no butts in the seats because fans are fickle, then you're not amking any money and so can't advertise and so on and so on and so on...
  17. RavenFan

    RavenFan New Member


    Well we can blame the owners to a certain extent. There has been no press here or advertising except mentioning all the money troubles from seasons past. You can't expect a 2nd or 3rd year team to make money and draw well at the gate especially with almost no advertising. All vancity needs is an owner that is willing to invest and advertise, take the losses for 2-3 seasons and it will be a viable business. And btw Vancouver has never averaged 4-5000 a game, I believe the lowest season average was 8-9000?? Don't feel like searching last years threads.

    And I am now optimistic that the funds have arrived from Mr.Kalra as the Ravens have signed 22 players in the last 2 days... that looks like a pretty good sign to me!
  18. Lax Fan

    Lax Fan New Member

    The money is not from Kalra but from the new owners(to be approved).
  19. Sonny Sixkiller

    Sonny Sixkiller New Member

    But you do to be a Dr.

    My choice or lack therof of adjectives in my statement led some of you to believe this was fait accompli. That was not my intention. That was a mistake. My lesson here is to choose my words with more careful study to there meaning and fill in between the lines. I will not resort to just cutting a pasting stories, that is just plan lazy. Posting the whereabouts (link) to stories easliy attainable on the net makes more sense as we can choose to read these if we haven't already and it doesn't take up as much bandwith.

    This was told to me by inside the league source as he was being offered Ravens players with a critical Monday deadline ( a fire sale if you will). It appears now the Monday deadline has come and gone and teams did not blink or bite. This will be resolved in the next few weeks. Either by folding and having a dispersal draft or fixing the nest which calling it a long shot would be kind. League GM's were wiser than the Ravens management gave them credit for.

    Players are sitting on the sidelines as their careers/futures are dubious at best. They still want to play in their hometown but have been worn down but the shifting paradigms with this not so motley crue. They too have been been planning for their futures in NLL cities other than Vancouver as midnight has appeared to come and gone. Brave front or not.

    BTW stickquack you are a piece of work I won't get any more inflammatory than that.

    Meathead I take it you didn't attent an accredited business school (one that is not on the back of a matchbox) more on that later.

    The rest of the gang fair comments and thank you.
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  20. Warrior

    Warrior Retired Moderator

    This club is nothing more than a joke. When you hear what's gone on with this team how can they possibly try and sell the fans on the concept this is a professional sport. GM's making comments in the paper that makes them sound like house league managers, team staff and players leaking info because in this league if you say something the coach doesn't like you're as good as fired or benched. Different promises made every day.
    No wonder Orca Bay wants nothing to do with them.

    Remember over a year ago when this team turned their backs on all the other teams in regards to playing/signing without a contract.....do wonder now why none of the other teams care? Always comes back to bite you in the butt! They're just sitting waiting to see this team collapse so they can get better players than they already have and get rid of guys who thought they had a spot on the team. The whole league is built on deceit, within themselves and with one another.

    Professionals? would any of you hire a company for services if they had the reputation that most teams in this league have?

    Just venting but really think about the stories we've all heard about players not being paid, promises that were made to get players to move to the team locations not being fullfilled, players quitting their jobs because they believed what they were told only to be cut a month down the road. The whole scenerio is gut wrenching at times!

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