rescheduled game?

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by RyanP, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    Did I miss it? or did they announce something?
  2. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    it was last night
    wings won 16-13
    in front of 9,646 at the spectrum
  3. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Either April 23rd or 25th
  4. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    Depends on playoff picture and dates....Orlando is in Minnesota April 24th for a night we looking at either Friday night or early Sunday evening 4-5pm
  5. PhillyLax

    PhillyLax New Member

    I thought the crowd was bigger.
  6. Mtn_Scott

    Mtn_Scott Active Member

    The only reason I know he was making it up is because the Wings won.:p
  7. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    id expect the announcement to be made in the next 3 weeks
  8. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    have to see what the NHL playoff schedule is....NBA also..Sixers still have a chance at making it, guess is this

    If Flyers and Sixers make playoffs......looking at a Sunday night game....if just Flyers make it....Friday night game
  9. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    who are the sixers?
  10. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    there the people who try to play on a wooden court.....ring a bell?
  11. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    nah not really

    and in all honestly they arent making the playoffs
    they are 7.5 out with 22 games to play
    they in all honestly need to just lose the next 22 games
    to get a decent pick

    so im willing to bet the Wachovia Center isnt saving any dates for them this year
  12. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Contractually, they have to until they are officially eliminated.

    For the Flyers, The NHL likes Sunday 3:00pm games for NBC. They would not schedule an event after a playoff game, since they can go on forever with OT.

    Someone used Sixers and playoffs in the same sentence:rotfl::rotfl: i'd even bet on the Wings making it over them.
  13. 1sttimelongtime

    1sttimelongtime Active Member

    Is that a fat joke?
  14. Retro10

    Retro10 New Member

    yeah they might like it but Comcast likes all first and second round games on Comcast Sportsnet only!! So I dont see any 3 oclock NBC games in there future (Maybe if away only)
  15. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    It's not that Comcrap likes the first and second rounds on CSN, that's dictated by the NHL. The Conference finals and Stanley Cup Finals have always been on whoever covers the league (Hockey Night in Canada, NBC, Versus), that's a contractual obligation.

    TV almost always determines when these games are played. Just look at the NBA and MLB playoffs.
  16. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    yes it all hinges on the tv contracts, no different than baseball, where the nice Sunday afternoon Phils games are ruined by espn and changed to 8pm.
  17. BCD

    BCD New Member

    I would be p1ssed off if I bought a Sunday package expressly to take the kids to day games just to have it it moved to 8pm on a school night.

    Would they object to a huge "ESPN SUCKS" sign?
  18. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    No but you will get thrown out for the other one..."VERSUS SWALLOWS." The sunglassed Comcast gestappo will come escort you out....
  19. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    So I guess April 18 is out.

    Fine... hmm, lets see what my option are

    April 23rd game - hmm, I could go to Philadelphia on April 22 or 23 - I ll decide on that when it become official. Then fly to Minnesota from Philadelphia Airport on April 24 for 2nd end of back to back game. I could stay in Minnesota until April 30 and fly to Orlando, if I know, beforehand, that Titans will be hosting first round playoff game. If Titans do host first round playoff game, it will be either May 1 or May 2 due to the fact that Orlando Predators of Arena Football League have home game on April 30th.

    April 25th game - hmm, I could fly to Minnesota on April 19 and stay at my friends house until April 25 and then fly to Philadelphia. Then go home to NYC on April 26.

    Either date would be fine with me. The sooner, the better

  20. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member


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