RIP Chris Benoit

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  1. reidjr

    reidjr New Member

    This was the act of a ill man not a man that is all there.There was a study done some time ago that claims people who kill one person wait a day or more then kill another person.To add he did not try to hide or dump the evidence.This is very unlikely to be dilibrate.He had a menatal break and lost it that is what they will likely find.There was some reports daniel was sick how sick who knows.It is very possible he did love them killing someone like this does not mean he did not love them.
  2. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Pythia. Roid Rage is just one of the manifestations of how steroid abuse affects the mind. Wild mood swings, halluciinations, and suicidal tendencies are all on the list. These drugs can also cause damage that lingers.
  3. C-Murder

    C-Murder Member

    I was on the side of Pythia when this all first came out, however I have never taken steroids nor can I say I have a vast knowledge of what the drug does to you side effect wise. My ignorance on this is why I'll let other people debate that and who knows if we'll ever know the correct answer, either way he killed a 7 year old boy and that should never be forgotten, Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers, I can say without question he is not one of my favorite people
  4. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    The boy was mentally retarded, when he was born he had a ailment known to be traced to gene damage caused by steroids. I can't remember the name of the desease but it causes fluid to build up around the brain causing pressure that in turn causes brain damage. Reports are that Nancy and he were arguing over Him staying at home more to care for the child. And yes steroids do cause hellucinations such as voices that can last for days, or weeks much like paranoid schitzofrenia(?). To say that roids aren't involved I think is a crazy attempt to deflect bad publicity. a feeble attempt indeed.
  5. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Anyone still buying this WWE "shocked" at the steroids and other stuff found in Benoit's body. All those making excuses and dissing those of us who said it from the beginning.....go pound sand.
  6. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    Its a shame the lowlife drug addict creep took two others with him. WWE blows and supports steroid use. It couldnt survive without it.
  7. HollywoodDougie

    HollywoodDougie New Member

    Yes it is a terrible shame about his actions. You are correct about that. But in all fairness, the WWE does have a wellness program targeting drug, alcohol, and steroid use. I'm not sure as to when this started, probably about two years ago, but don't quote me on that. I think that saying that the company can't survive without steroids is harsh. They are taking appropriate measures to ensure that no wrestler is taking steroids. If a wrestler is found taking them, then that wrestler is suspended or released from their contract, no matter how over they are. They are tested at anytime without notice and as much as six times a year. Give them credit for trying to stop this problem. The last time he was tested was in April and was found clean. If they had tested him before he did what he did, guaranteed that he would have lost his job. That is his fault, not the company's.
  8. Ronin

    Ronin New Member

    I don’t think anyone was denying the fact that the man was taking some sort of steroid, (looking at his frame it was obvious). I believe most of the questions were revolving around the “Roid Rage” angle that the media immediately took.

    The answer is that we’re never going to know what caused him to do what he did, and that’s about the only closure one can get on this entire debacle.
  9. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    Um, because, maybe , just maybe, after allthe years of studies and incidents involving steroids, the KNOWN effects on the human brain caused the conclusion to be reached. We know what caused him to do this; it was steroid induced depression. Only somebody who refuses to believe what is staring them in the face could possibly conclude otherwise. Kinda like still believing there are WMDs in Iraq, or Saddam had a connection with Osama.

    Also, without the steroid enhanced bodies and the enraged emotions they induce for the camera the WWE would fold. 85% of any WWE program is posturing and yelling in the microphone and getting worked up; the exhibition is secondary to the theatrics now.
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  10. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    That's crap. What looks like a rat and smells like a rat, is usally a rat. There were TONS of fans and officals that denied the initial reports that turned out to be right on. Roid rage and the effects on behavior are known. Period. To deny that they had effect, yet were present, is blinders on dreaming.
  11. Ronin

    Ronin New Member

    My question, then, is that why don't body builders and other professional athletes and pro wrestlers wind up slaughtering innocent people as well?

    Steroids obviously had a hand in it, that's a given. But to try to say that it was all steroids and saying the stupidest term an adult can use (next to "bunker buster") "Roid Rage" is the reason for it is a 100% cop out.

    Something of this magnitude comes from several different angles. Chris' head was f*cked for many reasons when this happened and no one will be able to pinpoint why it all happened.
  12. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    wrong again. Athletes using steroids have displayed this violent behavior many times, and not just towards others in altercations, on field or off but to themselves. His mental condition was altered by the use of steroids. Period. Lets move onto REAL sports shall we and forget this fake loser crap and the slime associated with it.
  13. Ronin

    Ronin New Member

    I ask again: show me the percentage of people who take performance enhancers that have snapped and murdered people, let alone their own family.

    It's pure ignorance to say "using this substance caused someone to do something". If you do anything while you are under the influence of a chemical, somewhere inside you, you had the ability to do it stone cold sober. Again, it's a cop out to place the blame squarely on something someone has been taking.
  14. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    what a crock. stop defending steroids, you are making yourself look foolish. That, and theres no proof anywhere behind the silly statement about having to be able to do that sort of thing sober. Its a well documented fact that many substances when introduced to the body cause irrational thought and behavior; and people wind up doing things they would never otherwise have done. You are flat wrong on the whole subject. Let it rest.
  15. raphilly

    raphilly New Member

    Can we face the cold, hard, unyielding reality of the scientific method for a moment? None of us knows, or will ever know, with complete certainty what caused Chris Benoit to kill his wife and son and then commit suicide. A reasonable person will conclude (and very likely will conclude correctly) that it was the steroids. BUT - we will never know for sure whether Benoit's actions were influenced by, say, mental illness unrelated to the steroids.

    To say that it would have happened without the steroids is naive.
    To say that it was absolutely and entirely the steroids is narrowminded.

  16. reidjr

    reidjr New Member

    Thats not true at all.People do take drugs for menatal illenes and wehn they commit a crime alot of the time they have no idea what there doing.
  17. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Yeah like you'd sleep with thart skank if you didn't have beer goggles on, or you still would have missed that curve while sober....
  18. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    In alot of juristictions the use and influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a valid defence to a criminal act. I do agree with you that its just a cop out and you have the ability to do it sober as well. I'm just stating what the law is. ( I have a degree in Criminal Justice ).This defence rarely works, but it has worked in the past. Isn't that a scary thought.?
  19. Hittrain

    Hittrain New Member

    Let's not get out of hand here

    Just because a defense HAS worked....For example, the fabled TWINKIE defense, doesn't mean it's a "valid" defense in "a lot of" jurisdictions. Degrees aside, I have a somewhat practical and recent knowledge of the criminal defense field (having practiced on both sides) and almost all jurisdictions DO NOT allow voluntarilly use of drugs or alcohol to mitigate or eliminate the necessary mental state necessary for conviction on an intentional assualt or killing.

    Prior to the proliferation of drug/alcohol defenses, there was a lack of guidance on the issue and whether a type of "insanity" could be recognized due to alcohol or drug use. I'm sure some courts found that it could. I'm aware of a few jurisdictions that allow a/d use to mitigate a defendnat's state of mind (NOT a defense, only a reduction of the culpability) and some other courts will allow testimony of a/d regarding sentacing, etc.

    To say that a/d use is an absolute defense in "a lot" (without quantification of what lot may be) jurisdictions is incorrect, it is not. In MOST jurisidcitions it is forbidden as a defense by statute. But again, the Twinkie defense HAS worked, so why not try it, right?

  20. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    I guess I should have said " some " instead of " alot " and I should have called it a " mitagating factor " instead of a " defence " :rolleyes: :D

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