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    Hockey fans have to be in mourning today. One of the great architects of the original nhl expansion has passed. The expansion of the league into the US in 67 was a risky proposal, but a 33 year old Snider was one of the leaders. If Philly st Louis and LA had not taken off, there would not have been the 74 expansion, and who knows from there. I skip pitsburgh, because they struggled early. The man was the most passionate owner, while at the same thing, not making it about him (ie Mark Cuban). He sat on the NHL rules committee, and helped shape the league.

    We all knew he was ill, but he looked great while taking a photo with the team around New Years. I attended saturdays game against the pens, and Lauren Hart sang God Bless America. She held a device in her hand and even blew it a kiss at the end. She was singing to Ed via facetime. So powerful in retrospect.

    He was a hockey man, but owned the sixers, and actually sat on the board of the Eagles for a few years early on.

    The memory that will stay with me is from the spectrum. No owners boxes, he sat behind a brick partion in an open press box at the top of the first level. When a flyer scored a hat trick he would throw cheesy hats into the crowd, when they hit the ice, the players knew where they came from. When a really awful call was made by a ref, he would stand on the press desk, with a foot on that brick wal, and scream at the three blind mice.

    The team photo was taken a few weeks ago, and it was the first without snider. I think the official photo should be this, when the team visited him in California around new years.
    .....can't post it from this device, will do it later
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    ed was a hockey player masquerading as an owner. he was not afraid to mix it up but like any good hockey player, you share a beer afterwards. I am concerned that with peter lukko a fixture with the florida panthers and the loss of ed snider that Comcast is now fully in charge. the Roberts' family has a business interest in the flyers but do they have emotional interest remains to be seen.
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    I remember seeing ed at the spectrum. he enjoyed his flyers, he enjoyed being with his fans, he enjoyed so much that its sad to think that he is now gone. he was not howard katz, norm barman, the phillies' multi member ownership committee, so many bad owners but not him.
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    You have to remember that he is personally responsible for building the spectrum. He changed philly sports and entertainmention fore ever
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    Tampa held a moment of silence for Ed before last night's game. As far as I know there is no direct connection between the front offices. Considering their usual level, I am surprised the fans didn't boo.
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    Pittsburgh fans took care of that
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    To be fair, if Philly held a moment of silence for someone involved with the Penguins, the results would be the same. **** those dirty pricks out west.
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    Not really. You are forgetting how well Mario was treated on the his first return from cancer, and his first retirement. Standing ovations and the chanting of his name.
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    Great line on Russians... The answer is, only on the far left of the lane.
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    Incorrect.....all the Russians are on the far right of the lane because that's where they get all the US government secrets and have the most influence. :eek:
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    A leftist media alternative truth:rolleyes:

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