Rock Fan- Fann Cuppers want to play at the TRAC?

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    Lacrosse playing Rock loving Ladies and Gentlemen: Roadies, Tutes, Roadies North, Spirit. Canadian Clovers New and old! Past and present. Please know there is a Toronto ROCK Roadies fan group on facebook you are invited to join. Just one thing, Rock fans wanted!

    The Toronto Rock want thank you for all your support over the years. What better way to do that then inviting you, the Canadian Fann Cuppers, who are Rock fans to be the first fans to come and play at the Rock's brand spanking new Training facility...FOR FREE!
    You will also have first access to the ROCK Roadies Blast Zone and our specially made ROCK Roadies hard hats.
    If you want more details read on, otherwise confirm your coming

    The Details:
    On Saturday, January 5th from 11:00 to 1:00 pm.
    They have two pads, one turfed one concrete and we play.
    The format will be LBI, just fun, no refs.
    First teams there get the turf and last two get the concrete for the 1/2 hour and then we rotate every 1/2 hour so everyone gets equal time on each surface.
    The Rock want the old passion back. They want to thank us for our loyalty and hope to rekindle it.
    This is how they want to do it.
    First, they've ask me (Jarrett) to create a Toronto ROCK Roadies fan group. Done!
    Next, they are letting us be the first fans to actually play at the TRAC. :eek:
    Then: Get your ROCK Roadies Blast Zone Ticket and Roadies Hard Hat for the home opener!
    During the time we are there the ROCK are offering us a ticket deal where we get a specially made ROCK Roadies helmet and a ticket to this seasons home opening game in the Toronto ROCK Roadies Blast Zone for about $46.00. You are not obligated to buy tickets. But this helmet deal is only for us. The ticket is discounted and the helmet is at cost.
    You can buy tickets for family members but only Canadian Fann Cuppers who are Rock fans are eligible for this event and this deal.
    Please reply ASAP and I hope to see you there!
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    Contact me if you want to play?

    Hey, everyone we have 30 playing so far, but we have two pads so we can do 30 more. Please confirm with me on here you are attending, and bring friends and family to watch and check out the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre!

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