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Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by torrrock, May 27, 2001.

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    The schedule has increased to 16 games from 14, giving each team eight home dates. The Rock, who averaged 16,164 fans at the Air Canada Centre last season, have begun their season-ticket drive.

    Prices rise $5 for most seats; youth seats are staying the same. The most expensive seat becomes $40 on a season package. Youth single-game tickets start at $7.

    ``With the dollar being weaker, we have to make sure we recoup our costs,'' team president Brad Watters explained. ``I don't think we're pricing ourselves out of the market. We still want to be the best value for professional sports in the city. A family pack is still under $100.''

    My season tickets:
    2000 - 6 games x $20/game = $120 x3
    2001 - 7 games x $25/game = $175 x4
    2002 - 8 games x $30/game = $240 (x6?)

    Even though season ticket prices have doubled in 2 seasons, it's still (by far) the best value around.

    The Rock look to be in good shape for next season, because even more people are likely to attend. I believe the Rock's popularity is still on the rise. This is just the beginning.

    2002 will be another sussessful season for the Rock.
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    I guess ticket prices going up was inevitable. The US dollar is making things difficult for all Canadian sports teams.

    We will need more offense next year as we are becoming predictable. We relied too much on the defense and goaltending. In the final we did not generate much offense and Whipper had an off night.

    NLL Champions 1999, 2000
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    the loonie should strengthen if commidity based economies like your own reap a windfall from higher oil & lumber prices. the key will be what will the loon do once the froth on oil & lumber is blown away?

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    These prices sure look cheap now....
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    Look at Doug with the spot-on macro-economic prediction!
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    wished that i could had called this week's debacle on wall street. i can't tell if fed chairman powell is trying to talk up rates without raising rates and put a brake on inflationary pressures or has seen some scary data.

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