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Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by New Fan, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. dougm

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    it took awhile for joe to get comfortable in the nll.
  2. dougm

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    O'Connor's success allowed NBW to trade saunders. I have no idea what happened to pat this year, but reilly has been a good find.
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    What a great crowd last night in Calgary. Over 18,885 fans to take in the last game of the season and support the team even though they missed the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. Great fans.

    Tight game for the first half with the Necks up 5-4 at the half. Rush took out Bold in the second as Georgia already had home floor advantage for the playoffs and the Rush back up goalie let in 9 goals.

    When the Necks O shares the ball they do well. Superman took 10 shots this game instead of his usual 25 and surprise the lefties actually got to score. 6 goalies for the lefties , 6 for the righties and 2 from the D. Balanced attack. Just too bad the HC can't get them to do that all the time.

    Big win and against the Rush will be all that is remembered by management. Certainly all the players will be evaluated, but likely not the coaching staff. Still, 3 losing seasons in a row with a less than 50% win at home and missing the playoffs this year, all with a bunch of talented players. So, what's the easiest change. A new coach. However, will that happen with the present GM, not likely.
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    Certainly interesting reading articles in the newspapers and Calgary Necks website after being eliminated from the playoffs last weekend. Interesting that the blame for the losing season and missing the playoffs seems to be centered around injured players and the inexperience of 2 young goalies.
    Well, all teams go through injuries and you're only as good as the players you have on the practice roster to take their place. It's the GM and HC who put the team together and it's on them, not an excuse. On goalies same issue. They drafted them and didn't think to have a veteran backup to their no. 1 goalie.
    On missing the playoffs it's more than just that issue. This is not the first losing season. It's their 3rd. They commented that everyone in the organization will be evaluated. I hope it's not just the players. The Flames management needs to do a thorough review. The GM's contract is up in June and the coaching staff have 1 year left. Lots of options on going forward. Time to move the leadership in a new direction.

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