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Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by Grind, Jul 16, 2015.

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    I would truly agree. The National Lacrosse League and the National Hockey League should consider a partnership.
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    Well it's all said and done. I have mixed feelings....I hate that they left, but respect that it was a business decision. I hate that things turned sour between the parties involved...but respect that you've got to get things done and if you aren't getting what you need here and there's a much better offer, then it's to be expected...Yes, I understand why they had to go...but feel cheated out of enjoying at least one season as defending champs knowing that they could have stayed at Rexall Place for at least one more year...I hope Edmonton gets another team...but it just won't be the same...I hope to enjoy the Sask. Rush as they are still my team...but considering the twitter telling Edmonton fans that an announcement was coming and thanking us for our patience followed quickly by the move, the creation of the website and banners, it's clear this was in the works before the season ended...I appreciate the collective fans being thanked...but it's still a hard pill to swallow to read, in the same breath, being asked to support the team and like them on facebook etc...we did support them, for 10 years.
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    I cannot imagine too many prospective owners being eager to partner with existing owners.....they'll want to buy out and run it their way.
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    hell have the nhl buy out every nll owner already.
  6. RockStar

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    Can't be any worse than today....Styres and Dawick are the only private owners that have been able to approximate box office success combined with on-field success.

    Looking at Toronto, if Dawick gets tired of what he's doing, I could imagine a partnership like what happened for the CFL club - 2/3 of the MLSE ownership consortium coming together. As of right now, Rogers has little/nothing to gain from the Rock.
  7. Vin

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    That should be the case. If the Oilers do join and make a profitable team in Edmonton, then we will have 4 successful NHL-owned NLL teams. That establishes a pattern; a pattern the other NHL would-be NLL owners would want to emulate - it's almost free money for awhile. Furthermore, it may be in the long run insurance against NHL labor strife.
  8. RockStar

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    The operating budget in its entirety is less than $3M per year.......

    You can't even get half of an overpaid stiff of an NHL player for that!
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    Urban said some American cities were also interested in hosting the franchise, but Saskatoon won out.

    "We put a lot of work into Edmonton, and lacrosse had hit new strides in the last year or two in Edmonton," he said. "We needed to have a proper venue and a proper arena deal which we have with Sasktel [Centre] and we said, 'Hey, guys Saskatoon is the place to be.'"

    But Urban expects the Saskatoon audience to be closer to 11,000. He estimates ticket prices at $35.

    Urban said the team has a salary cap of $600,000. Half the players will live in the city and half will likely fly in for matches.
  10. Vin

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    Yeah, I read that earlier, and I think that's a fair price for decent seats. However, just for comparison, I took a look at single ticket prices for the WHL Saskatoon Blades and they are under $30. I hope potential NLL fans don't have sticker shock and realize that they are getting the best lax players (and, in fact, the defending champions).
  11. Vin

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    I read in the Edmonton Journal that Northlands, the people who run Rexall, were interested in getting an NLL team to play there to fill up those dates. I would think it might be in the Oilers interests to perhaps get an Edmonton NLL team for 2017 and have them play at Rexall - maybe permanently too. It would help to retain as much of the Rush fanbase as possible as soon as possible instead of having to wait for the new building for both their NHL and NLL teams.
  12. chrisj

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    I will make a prediction:

    Lacrose doesn't take off in Saskatoon. After the first game or two attendance averages 4,000.

    After two years Katz buys the team and they play in the new Rogers Place (or is the Arena? Or Centre? I don't know...) in 2018.
  13. 6 Actual

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    One never knows - early to make predictions

    I too was taken aback when I learned the Rush would move to Saskatoon. But, lacrosse NOT taking off in Saskatoon is a little early to predict. I understand that lacrosse is not as big as hockey on the prairies but Saskatchewan does have both field and box lacrosse being played in a number of centres. In fact, Casey Zaph who played in Buffalo and Rochester was the first Saskatchewan born player to play in the NLL, and there was another player from Moose Jaw (Mitchell?) who dropped into Philly for a few games.

    All that aside, think about it. Right now the only action in Saskatoon in terms of a higher level of sport to watch is the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League. Thanks to TSN several NLL games are broadcast in Canada and awareness of the NLL is out there. With some good marketing and with a competitive team there is every opportunity to build up a solid fan base in Saskatoon. Don't tell me that everyone in Edmonton or Calgary were knowledgeable lacrosse fans. It starts with a hard core lacrosse playing group and builds from there.

    So, I am not sure the Saskatoon Rush (Saskatoon Wind or Saskatoon Sun would be more appropriate) are a two year wonder. Could be they will fill a hole in the sporting community that will bring some excitement over a very long winter!!

  14. RockStar

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    Speaking of Sask lacrosse, where is our good friend Moose Jaw?

    He hasn't posted in years!
  15. Well this is definitely a launching point for Saskatchewan (and especially Saskatoon) lacrosse. Our Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League Tier I Junior B, summer ball team won the title today, becoming the first non-Alberta team to win a RMLL championship. My guess is this will make them a contender for the Founders Cup. However, Six Nations, BC and Ontario are usually tough, but this is the strongest team the SWAT have sent. So this will definitely help lacrosse become bigger in Saskatoon.

    So we shall see what comes, but I am sticking by my sell out for the home opener and a 10,000 average attendance for the Rush. I know the second they are on sale, I am picking up a pair of season tickets. I won't abandon the Rock, but the Rush will become a good second favourite team.
  16. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    So much for his prognostication capabilities....
  17. RockStar

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    I expected 'toon town to draw respectable crowds. i didn't expect what they're getting.

    Pleased with this success, and, since the Rock are not going anywhere this year, my support is behind Keenan and several of the Whitby alumni that are helping win games here. Not to mention the other Ontario guys, Rubisch, Corbeil, Bold.....

    This team is built to win, and plays it the right way.

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