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  1. LAX5

    LAX5 New Member

    does anyone know when the blazers schedule will be out for 2012
  2. Laxmus Test

    Laxmus Test New Member

    Same as always. League requests dates in by late-August but teams that overlap with NHL or NBA franchises have to wait for those schedules to be released so expect something within one to three weeks. Definitely before labor day.

    Only issue is if the Blazers have struck a deal with the Garden yet since they won't provide the 10 or so dates required by the league without a contract inked.
  3. BostonSportsFan

    BostonSportsFan New Member

    I'm pretty sure I heard that they renewed the lease. NHL and NBA schedules have been out for a while, at least the Bruins and Celtics schedules have, so I'd guess sometime in September.
  4. BlazerCannon8

    BlazerCannon8 New Member

    If you want a very vague idea look at the Bruins sked and see when they have their matinees starting in January. It's a good bet that the majority of the Blazers home games will be those Saturdays at 7:30.

    Plus the Celtics only play on Saturdays 4 times after New Year's, and all those games are away. The Blazers are in a very good situation regarding their home scheduling and availability. Matinee hockey has been a staple in Boston for ages, keeping Saturday nights free, and the NBA doesn't play Saturdays hardly at all, certainly not in Boston.

    It's always been Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun for the Celtics and Tue/Thur/Sat for the Bruins. One of the benefits for the Blazers of playing in a very established sports town. The Bruins and Celtics get favorable skeds from their leagues because they are older/popular/important teams, and the Blazers end up with no Saturday night obstacles. Hopefully it can be that way for years to come.
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  5. BostonSportsFan

    BostonSportsFan New Member

    The only possible Saturday night schedule conflict between the Bruins and Celtics is the Bruins last game on April 7 at 3:00. The timing might be a little tight to get the Blazers floor set up with 2 hours less to get it done, not to mention the possibility of the game going into overtime. The Garden hasn't listed anything on the event calendar for 2012 yet, so no info on possible conflicts with college hockey tournaments, concerts, Disney on Ice, etc. Hopefully the Blazers schedule will be spread out a little more evenly for 2012, instead of 4 home game weeks in a row like they've had in the past.
  6. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    i dont see them scheduling a blazers game if the bruins are playing at 3, the schedule would be to tight and they run the risk of the game running long and causing a delay to the blazers.
    the hockey east semi finals and finals are scheduled for march 16 and march 17.
    disney on ice is always during school vacation week in feb and April and most major concerts wont begin to schedule dates in the january to April range till after the NLL schedule is all set.
    so i guess in the next few weeks we shall see if yet again get the short end of the scheduling and end up with the first half of the home schedule being warped up by week 6 or if we get our home games a lil more spread out this time
  7. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

    Good analysis!

    Very insightful analysis and sound logic used here by BlazerCannon8 and BSF! It is nice to see the board beginning to light up a bit more as we move closer to Labor Day! Once the schedule is guess is we will all feel much better about next season.

    I do hope we can spread out the games a bit more this season as it is nice to have some space in between when I am driving 100 miles each way!:eek:
  8. Kosty

    Kosty New Member

    I REALLY hope they spread the home games out. It was tough last year, just getting my 5 year old in to going to games only to have to explain to him that there were no more home games for the most part in the second half of the season!
  9. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    Yeah, as much as I like seeing the Blazers, five home games in a row can really be too much.
  10. Zlax45

    Zlax45 New Member

    Here is the Bruins Saturday night schedule

    Jan. 7th Bruins vs Canucks at 1pm
    Jan. 14th Bruins on the road
    Jan. 21st. Bruins vs Rangers at 1pm
    Bruins are OFF Jan. 28th
    Feb. 4th Penguins vs Bruins 1pm
    Feb. 11th Predators vs Bruins 1pm
    Feb.18th...Disney on Ice is probably in town
    Feb. 25th...Same thing as the Bruins are on a long road trip
    March 3rd Islanders at Bruins 1pm
    March 10th Capitals at Bruins 1pm
    March 17th Flyers at Bruins 1pm (HE Championship Game that evening)
    March 24th...Bruins on the road
    March 31st...Bruins on the road
    April 7th...Bruins vs Sabres at 3pm

    My bets would be home games on Jan. 7th, 14th, 21st, Feb. 4th and 11th. March 3rd and March 10th, and March 24 or 31st.

    Just my guesses.
  11. Kosty

    Kosty New Member

    So it looks like it could be 3 in a row, then a roadie, then 2 in a row, couple of roadies then 2 in a row again. Not awful I guess.
  12. JCJarhead

    JCJarhead New Member

  13. Kosty

    Kosty New Member

    A little off topic but AOL has been garbage for years. It's an old person's internet option......people got used to it years ago and refuse to switch to something more direct. My parents, both in their 70s, continue to be stubborn and use it instead of going with Safari or Chrome or even IE. The drawback to AOL is and has always been the fact that when pinging a site, the request goes to Virginia (AOL's base) then to the site, then back to Virginia and then to your PC (quick internet lesson for those who don't know). I loathe trying to get online at my parent's house because of the slowness of the thing. AOL is a dinosaur and the fact that it's even still around is a miracle.
  14. BostonSportsFan

    BostonSportsFan New Member

    I was deleting some old emails to free up space on my computer, and came across one from last year with the Blazers schedule being released on September 2, 2010. If they stick with that time frame, we should be getting the news in about 2 or 3 weeks.

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