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    While I admit that I don't know the inner workings of the Bandits' organization, it's becoming more and more clear that perhaps Mr. Loffler needs to be held more accountable by the fans for the recent on and off the field failures of the franchise. To what degree was he involved in the hiring of Chugger and Troy? Does he have a say in whether they are let go? To what degree is he responsible for the rapid decline in game day presentation? How about the falling attendance? Is it time that Bandit fans start calling him out just the same as fans of the Bills and Sabres called Russ Brandon out in recent years?
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    I hope Scott replies to this thread.
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    I’ve always said every single person that makes any sort of personnel decison needs to be evaluated.

    It’s nice he comes on here to interact and give us some info we can’t find.

    We are to the point though that this franchise has one single title in the last 22 years! That’s insane, and no acceptable on any level considering the strong fan base, ideal location for players and being an established stable franchise.

    It’s actually really pathetic if you think about it, and it’s getting old. The standards are too low these days.
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    I love that he posts here and keeps the locals informed.
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    To what degree is he responsible for the "rapid decline in game day presentation"? How are you measuring that? To my knowledge, they haven't surveyed anyone yet as to their satisfaction with the presentation. All I know is that bringing back Shoots and Ladders will solve all problems......:rolleyes: (to be clear, this last sentence is pure sarcasm).

    BTW -- Kelsey Schneider is listed on the Bandits website as Director of Game Presentation. Maybe it's more on her shoulders?

    My guess is that it isn't his sole decision as to whether Chugger stays or goes. I bet he would pull in Kim Pegula and other PSE people in to talk it through about Chugger staying or going.

    As to whether Scott himself is fired, I don't think team performance is as big of a factor as revenue generating things that go into his evaluation. Sure, they were down 1,000 people on average from last year but the earlier start and coming off a putrid season were likely bigger factors in that drop.

    I'm not on the Fire Scott Loffler bandwagon. I am on the Fire Troy Cordingly bandwagon. And if Chugger does get the ax, the next GM should decide the coach's fate.
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  6. Komarem

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    If Loffler had any say in the Chugger and Troy hires, that's a fail. If he continues to stand by them, it's a bigger failure. If has nothing to do with personnel, only business, things are going downhill there also. An attendence drop of 1,000 fans per game is a lot! The games aren't as exciting as the used to be. Part of it is the losing and part is the experience. If I'm looking for answers for all of these things, I guess Mr. Loffler would be the guy I'm talking to.
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  7. Komarem

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    I agree with all of this.
  8. Bandits37

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    Well since we know Scott will for sure look here might as well air grievances.

    One thing for sure, knock it off with the slow songs before the game. The video itself wasn't horrible this year but whatever that song was didn't do a thing to pump up the crowd. Funny as this sounds it needs to be said, take a look at whatever the Rush are doing in house and try to copy that. Its not just the higher alcohol content in the beer (or the top tier team) getting the fans worked up. Keep the bagpiper if you wish but maybe use the orange lights more to update it a tad. Hell use the orange more during the game period, its out color (despite NE trying to steal it) so lean into that hard.

    Also if you have to do a bummer "this person died" in memorial do it BEFORE the intros. Nothing like (and no offense by this) "Ok lets get hyped Banditland!!...... but first everyone be quiet and think about death for a minute while we remember this person you may or may not have ever heard of and kill the mood entirely.........NOW LETS GET EXCITED AGAIN!!"

    Lastly theme nights, if you're gonna do them cool but at least really DO them. Seems like if there is a theme by halftime we're done doing anything unique for it and its just another game. Even small, stupid stuff like making the interns or 50/50 raffle kids wear leprechaun hats on St. Patricks night would make it better. Alumni night had zero "back in the day" highlights so what was the point? Besides seeing them get into that crowd fight of course.
  9. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I kinda agree with this, but I also understand their side of it in that it's probably better to do a "in memorium" moment of silence after the intros since most people are in their seats by that point. But I suppose they could push the intros back a minute to accommodate this.
  10. chuckster

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    I am definitely OK with the bagpiper going away. I don't understand what its relation to lacrosse really is since bagpipes are most commonly associated as a Scottish/Irish thing and lacrosse was invented by Native North Americans who have no history with the instrument.
  11. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    As a non-Bandits fan, I always thought the bagpiper was to capitalize on using Shoots and Ladders as the entrance music. So to have the bagpiper and not the song has always been weird for me. Personally, I don't mind the bagpiper because I've come to associate it with Bandits games.
  12. Rick716

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    I think winning solves 99% of these problems. Loffler is not the problem here. It took them awhile to dig out of the years with no pick from the Darris era, but any failings here are on the coach, players, GM. One title in 22 is definitely not acceptable, especially in a 9 team league, but I'm not putting that on Loffler. They've been close a few times and ran into a bunch of heartbreakers, especially in Rochester over the years.

    On a side not, I wonder if Loffler has any other Sabres/PSE/arena-related duties. Is he working 40 hours per week on the Bandits in May-August?
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  13. mtbf

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    I do think looking back at past Buffalo News stories from the time Darris was fired, Scott has input on personal including the GM and coach. Darris strongly implied that Scott along with David Zygaj were interfering with the GM on draft picks and the Ted Black was allowing this to happen. Darris stated he gave up the GM position d/t not seeing eye to eye with the three of them. It was also Scott not Steve Deitrich who seemed to be the public face in the media (as much as there was media). Most of Darris's frustration at the time was aimed at Ted Black who Darris seemed to accuse of on the floor interference all during the years Darris coached.
  14. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I remember that time but seeing as Darris now comes back to Banditland for alumni functions and Scott and David are still running things, maybe Darris really was more in conflict with Ted Black than Scott and David. I recall the weirdness of trading a 22 or so year old Chris Corbeil to Edmonton for a draft pick and Darris saying they did it to get "younger".
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    Agree. It worked much better when the bagpipes went straight into Shoots and Ladders for the player intros. Going Shoots and Ladders to Thunderstruck to whatever song they use in the intro video to a separate song for player intros is just awkward.
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    Couldn't say it any better. I realized that it's already been 10 years since the last title. 2 years shy of the 12 years in between the last 2. It is an absolute embarrassment that this franchise only has 4 titles in almost 30 years, and 3 of them came when their current target audience's parents were less than 8 years old. Look down the highway and see what they're doing on a consistent basis with less money and less to work with.

    I also think the marketing is terrible. The team has no identity or feel to it. Game day presentation is slapped together and sloppy and targeted for children, even when the team was bad at least games were fun to go to with the boys. Not anymore with what they're doing. Even the uniforms are awful. I still have no idea why there are highway markers on the elbows or what the deal is with the zebra print. That sounds picky but it is just part of the identity problem.

    Things have been sloppy for years and we dealt with it because we cared so much, but I am also at the point now where I am 30 and don't need to cheer for a poorly run organization in a niche league anymore.
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  17. MILLwasbetter

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    I'm SURE Kim Pegula has plenty of time for the NLL and the Bandits when she isn't running her 2 real teams lol ( to be clear, this sentence is pure sarcasm)
  18. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    yeah, the piper serves zero purpose anymore and has no effect on the crowd because it is randomly done before house music and followed by a bad video and some other song. they can dump that even though it was their identity, they've strayed enough from it where now it's just a random guy playing bagpipes for 30 seconds.
  19. MILLwasbetter

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    venting feels good
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    Every time I see this thread has been bumped I keep hoping that it's because Scott replied.
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