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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Komarem, May 9, 2018.

  1. Hollywood42

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    I highly doubt he will
    Because it’s basically a fan telling him he isn’t doing his job either because the bandits are the new wings
  2. MILLwasbetter

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    This hits home. Didn't think about it that way until now.
  3. Wings-4-Life

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  4. mtbf

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    The true reason for this trade was Corbeil was going to try and break into minor league hockey and was going to sit out at least a season or two for NLL possible never return. However the NHL strike happened and there were way fewer minor league slots open so Chris never made the move. Both teams gambled and the Rush won.
  5. Mr Boo

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    Maybe the Rush didn't win. The Bandits got a first and a second round draft pick for Corbeil. With the second rounder, they picked Jeremy Thompson who the Bandits had for a year. The first rounder was traded to Minnesota in exchange for Brendan Doran, Shawn Williams, and a slightly lower first round pick. That pick was Dhane Smith.

    So the return for Corbeil was a year of Jeremy Thompson, a couple of seasons of Shawn Williams, and Dhane Smith. This trade wasn't nearly as one-sided as it may seem. That said, Kilgour couldn't have seen all of that coming, so the Bandits got lucky with who they ended up with, and the Rush got lucky that the hockey thing never worked out for Corbeil.
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  6. chuckster

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    The draft you're talking about was the 2012 draft -- That draft has some killer talent in it and there were deals galore. But imagine if the trades didn't happen and the order stayed the same --> The Stealth - Mark Matthews, the Bandits - Brock Sorensen, the Wings/NE - Kiel Matisz, the Swarm - Shayne Jackson, the Rock - Dhane Smith, the Mammoth -- Joe Resetarits. But Minnesota really wheeled and dealed to land picks 2, 3 and 4 (their own) and 10.

    So if the Bandits hang on to Corbeil, they don't get Shawn Williams or maybe Jeremy Thompson (no matter, he was only here 1 year) but they still *could* have gotten Dhane Smith at #2. And they would have Smith AND Corbeil on their current roster.

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