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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by ChickenScream, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. ChickenScream

    ChickenScream New Member

    Wow, the NLL is pulling out all of the PR stops on the bargaining agreement. I loved the website poll........

    If there is no 2008 season, which of the following veterans' has most likely played their last NLL game?
    Jake Bergey
    Pat Coyle
    Dallas Eliuk
    Jim Veltman

    Jennings needs to realize that just because you have a NY mailing address does not make you an established league. The truth is that the "pro" players still don't make enough from their contracts to play "pro" and as a result the NLL is at best semi-pro. Jennings needs to change his attitude that the NLL is big-time. Sure, its getting bigger, but last season Jennings basically bent over backwards and made too many concessions to VS with his "NLL game of the week" plan. And what happened.......VS walked all over him and did a poor job of coverage in a shitty time slot.

    Its the players and fans that keep this league going. Using threats, polls and articles on the website to threaten to lockout the league is not going to work. Do you honestly think those threats are credible? Yeah sure......oh and by the way, don't see the NLL comish getting a pay packet if they lockout......grow up Jennings and do LAX a favor........stand down.

  2. rocksolid

    rocksolid New Member

    What's your point? I have no idea what your are trying to say. If Jennings takes you advice, I guess he can rationalize a pay cut for players since the league is so bush as you suggest. The league is proposing raises but it sounds like you want to go the other direction. Is that what you are saying?
  3. Plats

    Plats New Member


    The NLL has added 2 more news media articles to their rotating headline box, and THAT POLL IS IN BAD TASTE - DOWNRIGHT BACKHANDED.

    Grow-up head office. And speaking of polls, if the season is canceled, I may just create an online poll FOR THE FANS ONLY.
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  4. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    Who cares? If or when the league goes dark. No one will notice expect for the 1% or less of the population that follow the league.
  5. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    ok i agree that the poll was unecessary and nobody likes spilling grease onto a fire. but i do think the drop-dead date is for real and whether its a power move or a bargaining hedge, the union is losing its negotiasting capacity. when there were unpaid wages at issue, that is a break-or-bust stand but i'm not sure arguing over what is being laid out before us is.

    i just wanna ssee what iannucci-ratcliffe-thomson line could do.
  6. ChickenScream

    ChickenScream New Member

    If there is no 2008 season, which of the following veterans' has most likely played their last NLL game?
    Jake Bergey
    Pat Coyle
    Dallas Eliuk
    Jim Veltman

    This makes the assumption that if you cancel the season, they will be able to return the following year. Lock outs killed the NFL and MLB for years, NLL doesn't have that base of support that would allow it to survive........My answer to the poll..........

    All of the above.
  7. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    why not play with scabs like they spoke of in the 2003-2004 season? there are alot of players that would like to get back into the league that will not get the chance.....this might be there only shot at it again.
  8. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt go if it was fill in players

    they arent in the league for a reason
  9. Plats

    Plats New Member

    However, I'm one who is not willing to pay to watch replacements play less than Senior B level of lacrosse...
  10. rocksolid

    rocksolid New Member

    That's why the NLL isn't interested in using replacement players. Its either cancellation or nothing.
  11. ChickenScream

    ChickenScream New Member

    A website reflects the organization. I feel sorry for the players having to negotiate with a bunch of morons. I guess Jennings must think the discussion went as follows

    Players rep 1 - "Wow, did you see the website....that poll.....they must be really serious about cancelling the league"

    Players rep 2 - "Yeah, I am scared, and I just spoke to Veltman and he is real worried he just played his last game".

    Players rep 1 - "Wow, I hope that MLL doesn't just take all of its players from outdoor and make its own indoor league, it would be terrible if that league ended up being covered on ESPN, playing a full season and driving fans into being supporters of Summer LAX".

    Players rep 2 - "And think what that would do for the fan base, having teams playing indoor in the winter and outdoor in the summer, probably would allow year round advertizing, fan loyalty and I am sure would get kids playing the game creating a self sustaining fan base".

    .............etc etc etc
  12. Frozen Tundra

    Frozen Tundra New Member

    The MLL? They pay the players half of what the NLL does. If the players aren't happy with the NLL, they sure aren't going to be happy with the MLL. Do you really think the MLL can turn a light switch and start an indoor league? Maybe they should since they don't recognize the PLPA anyway.
  13. riley

    riley New Member

    Yeah you are right. I am sure Veltman doesn't care that he may have played his last game.
  14. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    folks the days of dolgon, gongas & comiskey are gone. the new owners make the old guard owners in toronto, rochester & philly the poor boys of the league. the walmart guy, the google guy, the seagate guy, loughery etc could just as easily do w/out us if the nll is no longer fun or promising. cline, donner & watters would lose the most - they would have real pain from unrealized equity - but the new guys, they have no long-term appreciation to lose so its no further loss to them.
  15. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    some is cause they could make a roster, but the local roster is full of good players, one has given them a chance....

    really-I have seen a ton of pro MLL players down in Socal here and they could play in the NLL. they never had a shot at it, maybe now is a good time for them to try?
  16. YBNormal

    YBNormal New Member

    Hey Chicken... It is the PLAYERS who waited 10 months to respond to the owners proposals. If anyone is to blame for this mess it is them not the league. Quit sounding like a union goon and get your facts straight.

    Just wondering, how many players are in the union and how many would cross and play if they strike? The pay in the NLL is double what any other league is paying so what is the players beef? They should be walking out of the MLL and the Summer beer leagues.
  17. ChickenScream

    ChickenScream New Member

    Weird thing is, certainly with the K-hawks, the Rattlers and the K-hawks rosters look very similar.

    The truth is that MLL would see an opportunity to move in to indoor if the only competition locked the players out. May not look the same but there are enough local rivalries in the North East to make a season. Buffalo/Toronto/Rochester/Phily make a good base for any league. Add in Colorado, Calgary and Edmonton and you account for 70% of the total NLL attendance last year. A ton of season ticket holders and a majority of the big name players. Some people may actually prefer this set-up since it is preatty depressing going to a game in San Jose where you get 3 people in the audience and more people serving beer than drinking it.

    Not saying it will happen but the NLL has plans in place to form an outdoor league.......gotta think that MLL would take up an opportunity to kill the NLL if they got the chance, plus they have all the ties with ESPN and local owners.

    Whatever, I'm sure we will see LAX in Rochester in 2007/8......and maybe even a championship game this time!
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  18. rocksolid

    rocksolid New Member

    1. The NLL owners/partners in many of these markets control the arenas so I doubt they are going to make them available to a rival league.

    2. The MLL franchises are bleeding enough money on their own. They don't need to get involved in another venture.

    3. The MLL is on ESPN because they play in the summer. The NLL has the same contacts and have appeared on ESPN in the past (2006 Championship). Its not about the relationships. Its mostly about the time of year the respective leagues play in. If ESPN wanted to put more indoor lacrosse on, they would. they certainly don't need the MLL to bring it to them.

    4. This would be the worst thing to happen to the players since the MLL doesn't recognize the union.
  19. loudGizmo

    loudGizmo New Member

    And don't forget, the Rochester Grey Wolves will be playing in the Can-Am league (Senior B) next year. (
  20. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    The MLL step in? Cut me a break....that second rate league doesnt get as many spectators as a high school football game does. Why would a failing outdoor endeavor do any better with the same group running it? :rotfl:

    I dont know the answer to this problem other than the 2 sides have to decide that they are in a partnership, not an adversarial relationship. Thats the ONLY way they can negotiate successfully. Right now both sides are headed by morons who shouldnt be involved in negotiations under any circumstance.

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