Season Cancelled???

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by ChickenScream, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    Fragile had a great idea --- I'm actually in North Jersey and going into Manhattan tomorrow. Maybe I should camp out outside the league's office tomorrow with a sign and not leave until a deal is done.

    The way it's looking though I may not be home for Christmas if I camp out there --- I am hoping I am wrong.
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  2. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    i think we need to start a letter writing campaign. not that the league will care, but it may make us feel better.
  3. loudGizmo

    loudGizmo New Member

    Well said.

    If there is no 2008 season, one of the things I'll miss most is the Bandits coming to town. You people are Fans with a capital "F".
  4. 1sttimelongtime

    1sttimelongtime Active Member

    Count your blessings you could be in Boston.
  5. billinstcath

    billinstcath New Member

    Nets in storage and balls still clean

    The NLL is toast for 2008 according to the league if the players do not take an offer sitting on the table by midnight Monday ... the players by and large do not make their living playing in the NLL and can easily walk away. I hope that the owners realize that the NLL is NOT PRO (not even semi pro really) and the players do not need to accept a take it or leave it contract, they play for the love of the game but hey ... if it takes you away from family or advancing in your full time job - why bother with an ownership group that uses this sort of bargaining?
  6. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    it has done both of those things for some players for a while now.
  7. buxlaxref

    buxlaxref New Member

    I wonder if the follwing is as big and strong as hockey

    If they kill the season do they kill the leauge

    I would say yes
  8. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    WOW -- I may not know much about CBA issue and the labor disagreement. Whatever it is, I dont know the facts between two sides, but this is something that really sadden me.

    During off-season, I went out of my way to talk about NLL and NY Titans. People asked me questions about it and they were interesting in this sports. I was able to get two people to join me to become the 2008 NY Titans season ticket holder. I try that with NY Dragons and didnt panned out. So, if I was able to get two new people to join me to become Titans season ticket holder, NLL, itself, got two brand new fans, because of me. Thats one thing I am sure YOU did it for others. Talking to your friends and family members about lacrosse and how you manage to convinced them to join you in this sports.

    Now, they dont know about CBA disagreement because I want to look at the bright side. I already told them this is better than BIG 4. If the season get cancelled, how do YOU think those two new fans that I got, on board, would feel when I tell them, Im sorry, there is NO NLL SEASON DUE TO LABOR DISPUTE!!! I have strong feeling that they would bolt. This would hurt the league and us because we would lose two fans that I worked so hard to get them to join the board. I would be hurt about this and I would feel sucker because I waste so much time on this.

    I couldnt get them on board for AFL but did so for NLL. So, I hope the season dont get cancelled. Now onto MSG, someone mentioned about MSG. First of all, MSG already booked for circus and thats late March and early April. Its done deal and being like this every year, as far as I can remember, way back in 1970s when I first started going to circus at Garden. As for ice show, its varies, depending on who is giving out ice show. I remember Tara Lipinski had her own ice show after she won gold in 1998 (so did Sarah Hughes in 2002) for year or two and that was it.

    Titans have odd home schedule this year - 2 Thurs night, 1 Fri night (thats in April), 1 Sat afternoon in Jan, 1 Sat night (again, thats in April), 1 Sun afternoon in Feb and 1 Mon afternoon in Feb. When I checked MSG schedule, there was 11 open slot for Sat/Sun from Jan to April. I dont know if its already filled up because I checked them before 2008 Titans schedule came out. Now, its too late, as Garden are free to book any kind of events that dont have conflict with Knicks, Rangers and Titans.

    Hey, arena could always book weekend WWE show at the last mins if they have to. Because the arena know, WWE events bring in more revenues than NLL does, and thats sad fact, my friend.

  9. Purplenurple

    Purplenurple New Member

    It's a shame the owners don't want to share in the growth with the players. Don't forget 3% is not guaranteed, neither is removing the salary cap and having teams pay a sh*t load of money for a franchise player. If the league does shut down it'll never come back.
  10. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    Dang....then you wont be able to hide behind people and yell insults :rotfl:
  11. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    Letter to the Commissioner

    i sent this letter to the won't do any good, but you never know:

  12. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    That is nice. Mine was more along the lines of If you do not settle you $$%@@%^@#%@% :rotfl:
  13. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    i was trying for the diplomatic route, i figured that he's probably getting a lot of nasty emails and a diplomatic one might catch his eye.
  14. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    like he reads them :rolleyes:

  15. buxlaxref

    buxlaxref New Member

    His secratary prob sends some form message back
  16. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    actually he does, i've emailed a few times over the year and never got a "form letter" response. he may not read all of them, it may not even be him, but he has actually addressed things in my letters in his emailed responses.
  17. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    I'll give him that, I know that he reads his mail!
  18. UdaMann

    UdaMann New Member

    Who reads the posts

    Phiwings - Don't be fooled that your say in this forum is falling on deaf ears. NLL Managers, Coaches and Players are common visitors to this forum. Some come on here to read what is being said and some actually post under user names that hide their identity.
  19. buxlaxref

    buxlaxref New Member

    But there not the bozo that will cancle the season

    I dont think he gets it canceling the season will kill the growth of lacrosse in some communities

    NLL is not the NHL and the fan base is not as big or as strong
  20. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    then they should know how upsetting this is to the fans. we're the ones that pay the bills, not the league. the league doesn't exist without fans. sure the players can continue to play somewhere for no money (or next to no money), but let's be honest here. they aren't going to play at the HSBC Arena, the ACC, or the Wachovia Center without fans coming out to support their teams. crap like this happening every three years doesn't help us get the word the out about how great this league is to watch. i planned a vacation around the wings schedule, i didn't go when i wanted because they were going to be home that weekend. now you're telling me that the season may be canceled? i didn't go when i wanted because of the season. this is out of hand, and it needs to stop.

    /rant over

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