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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by Wings-4-Life, Nov 16, 2017.

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    that's hot
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    I am not a casual fan, not as diehard as I once was, but by no means casual, and maybe its just the Buffalo in me, but anything over 30 bucks for an NLL game is just ridiculous. I expect to see the ends with reasonably priced seats for an indoor lacrosse game full, the centers fairly empty, and almost no one on the glass. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a packed arena of people who paid 30 bucks a ticket and bought food and drinks and merchandise and parking, than half of an arena paying 50 bucks a seat and purchasing less food and drink and merchandise and parking?

    I just came across a blog of a sports traveler who went to a home Mammoth game prior to a Bronco game, which was the purpose of the trip. He went to the Mammoth game just because it was a bonus on his trip, and because of the value. His seat was $15 near center ice, a little higher up, and included a free beer or pop, and a 10 dollar voucher at the gift store.

    Maybe Denver isn't full of lacrosse nuts, but full of marketers who understand the value of what they are selling. Just get butts in the seats.
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    I never understood the glass pricing. For instance in the ends, You pay $50 bucks for a seat, or you sit one row back, and pay half?? What clown is paying double to be 18 inches closer to the glass?
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    I was waiting for someone to take the bait on my bizarre semi-homosexual remark. But if that prick nozzle who wanted to fight me back in 2013 is still there in 2018, then....:mad:

    The sort of clown they're trying to sell that $50 seat to obviously :p Personally, I'm too frugal to splurge for front row seats at an additional cost, mainly cause I'm frugal and because I don't really like front row seats since you usually can't see that well there. It's nice to sit there occasionally for the novelty, but long-term as a season ticket holder? **** that.
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    If some stroker wants to pay double for shtt view, take his money and laugh at him

    I can enjoy from end glass, but, majority of side glass seats are garbage......entire corners of the arena become invisible, and, you get a ridiculous crick in your neck from alternating between the videoboard and the action that you can actually see.

    As for the ticket prices - those six mid sections that have already been offered for sale are close to full. They have 1800 or so that have at least put down a deposit, if not paid.

    not bad, considering that there were only 5-7k a game there when it died 5 years ago, and, there won't be a game for 2/3 of a year.
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    My "money is no object" seats would be centre floor penalty box side, pick a row where my head is 2' above the top of the glass.

    Aint worth nearly triple the perfectly adequate high end section cheapies.

    I'm a cheapskate, so, there's no way I'm going to rush to put down money just because they've artificially choked off supply. I'd wait until those $15 seats are up for grabs, figure out which end the home team is attacking twice, and grab a pair......It's a great view, and I'm in the building for a lot less than most of my fellow patrons.
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    Haha I had to take the low hanging fruit

    yeah that's a good point theyre selling, they're worth what someone will pay. For me that number is 30, which lets me sit almost anywhere there.

    The only time I've enjoyed glass seats, were right on the corner, where the hockey goaline met the boards, you get an almost panoramic view of the ice.
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    had those seats for a few years. Great view except for it being a little tough to read what was going on in the "my side" far corner.

    Moved upstairs after three consecutive dogshtt seasons when I found myself really sick of paying $40 whatever per seat per game to watch a 6-10 home team play lousy lacrosse.

    If I was going ends to save big bucks over sidelines, I'd pick in line with off-stick post, and pick a row that puts my head about 2' above the goalie's shoulder.

    only thing I'll miss from there is a crease call where I have to look through the goalie's body.....

    If I have to move back to lower bowl, the high corners can be had for $20 per seat per game at season price. This is about 40% off the next cheapest price level, and at that, is a steal for value.

    I will buy on the SE Corner, and will try to score one of the "magic rows"......four seats directly behind the doorway that leads to the concourse. NEVER, EVER have to stand up or have your view obstructed by an inconsiderate idiot returning during live game play! :D

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