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Discussion in 'San Diego Seals Forum' started by Trenton Beisel, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. How many Season tickets have the Seals sold and Single game tickets for their home opener?
  2. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Well-Known Member

  3. I really hope this franchise is successful.
  4. It'd be really nice to get a foot in the door on the west coast!
  5. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Wow, are tickets in the 1st 3 rows really $90 each? :eek:

    There is quite the price range in tickets from $15 to $90. I hope Govett knows what he's doing.....

    The CAPTCHA gauntlet you have to go through to buy tickets is not going to help, either.
  6. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Any relation to Brian Beisel?
  7. mtbf

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  8. .
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  9. swami24

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    Welcome! The available seat over the place and.random. mtbf has a good hypothesis
  10. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Well-Known Member

    Probably want the home opener to look good. Probably giving away a lot of tickets.
  11. I really hope this team is successful they have a good owner.
  12. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Nice! He was a solid player in his day.

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