seeing as this season may be heading to the shttter....

Discussion in 'NLL Fantasy and Contests Forum' started by RockStar, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. RockStar

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    I would love to dork it out and set up a simulated NLL season for us to play a fake pick 'em, but, I dont have the patience of a WFIMA to set up the model.

    So, I was remembering that the local right-tard tabloid ran a dice league tracking the 2004 NHL schedule, posted daily standings updates, etc.

    I can totally be that low tech :D

    NLL is far fewer games, and this would really only be a 30 minute/once per week effort to roll the games and post standings.

    so, SD, Calgary, Van, Sask and Colorado could be the "five buckets" division.

    Toronto, Buffalo, Rochester, GA, Philly, NE could be the "400% Escalation" division.

    I will take on the season simulation if one of you other dorks will run the pick 'em.

    if we play the whole season, winner gets my seats for the playoffs :p
  2. Wings-4-Life

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    The Wings will totally go 4-14 in this...
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