should had stayed in hamilton?

Discussion in 'MLL Forum' started by dougm, Apr 27, 2014.

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    [ tuba playing The Price is Right Loser Music] bum-bum ba bum...waaaahhh [ /tuba ]
  3. dougm

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    Here's your problem

    $43 plus bend-over-and-spread-em fees from ticketbastard.......for a sport with the cachet of lawnmower racing on most of this continent.

    I'd suggest $15 GA, maybe $20 is what the market might bear.

    Even then, that might triple attendance, and then what??

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  6. dougm

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    watching the game on youtube - finneran doing the color.
    90% humidity in a swamp - but hey its only is this going to sell in july?
    still love watching brett queener.
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  7. GoodsOnSabres

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    600 fans certainly isn't going to cut it, and I do think it starts with ticket prices. That's no way to start out in an area where lacrosse is still just growing for a team and league that doesn't exactly get attention. They have been getting articles on the Sun-Sentinel website, but I'm not sure if they are in print and it appears they are in the news section for Boca Raton, not the sports section. That's not exactly going to get them much exposure.

    If it makes you feel better on Hamilton, all the rumors have been they will be expanding back there once the Tiger-Cats arena is settled. The MLL adds them and Atlanta to bring the league to ten teams is my guess.
  8. Hollywood42

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    boca raton ,where old jewish married for 45 years couples go to retire
  9. Hollywood42

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    ive been to boca,its pretty much an entire area of gated communities , old people and rich people
  10. Wings-4-Life

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    It also houses a school of nearly 25,000 students (which is wear the Launch play). Shame the kids are away during MLL season.
  11. 600? That is absurd. No one does research on these moves?
  12. Hollywood42

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    so the launch average is 1,163
    and rochesters is 1,061

    florida 3 home games
    rochester 2

    thats just embarrassing
  13. BigZLacrosse

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    Back in the Hamilton days, the most expensive ticket was I think like $15, and that was "VIP" center field, lower half of the stands seating. You could also get the General admission section and that was only like $10 if that, if I remember correctly
  14. RockStar

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    I know they papered the **** out of the place to get it to that level, but, in Toronto, there was enough interest for a few thousand to turn up to a tier-two big-league park on a summer evening. Had they been able to stay at BMO, they might have developed a decent core of a few thousand willing to pay $20 to 25 a pop.......If they'd stayed competitive,

    Sadly, once they got kicked to the curb from BMO there was no hope in hell. Lamport was sucky.....and, whoever the jackass was that decided to force all patrons to sit on the East side should be shot and pissed on! Went to one game, got sick of staring at the setting sun, wondered why I drove past a few decent box lacrosse games to get to this shithole, and never returned.

    I knew Hammer was not going to work any better, so, yeah, now they're in Florida setting attendance records......
  15. roadrunner

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    i just paid $25/seat center rink 12 rows up for an NLL Championship game.

    $43 for a FLunch game is just plain stupid.
  16. mtbf

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    a small high school
  17. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    tonights announced crowd vs ny lizards............1,154
  18. rochesterian80

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    Are the Launch entirely league operated? Do they not have a local owner involved too? Like the Rattlers (who have no local owner), I noticed the Launch's front office page is thin on employees -- the Launch appear to have three, the Rattlers have two (which is up from the one PT employee they had last year). All the other teams, ones with local ownership also involved, have 6-9 employees. I haven't paid that much attention, but was the league so desperate to get into Florida that they decided to go it alone (no local co-owner/operator) and only employ a very limited front office? The Rattlers doing so may make sense as the league is likely just shopping the franchise. It's much more bizarre with the Launch, though. If they really only have three front office employees, their lack of success as a new franchise is hardly shocking.
  19. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    the launch were sold but the guy who bought it didn't know much about florida sports fans. if baseball can't draw in florida, why would the mll?

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