Signs You are a Bandits Fan

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Goose4lax, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Goose4lax

    Goose4lax Active Member

    We have all seen the fowards that tell the top signs you are from Buffalo...Canadian...Left Handed...and everything else in between. Well let's make one that tells you are a Bandits fan!!

    Top signs you are a Bandits Fan.

    1) You buy clothes because they are orange
    2) You are introduced at your wedding to Korn's "Chutes n Ladders"

  2. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    You start threads like this one... :D
  3. Dr. A.

    Dr. A. New Member

    4. You go into stores right now, not looking for Halloween merchandise, but rather, orange and black stuff that you can take to games.
  4. SteenhuisOwns09

    SteenhuisOwns09 New Member

    5. You think nothing of wearing bright orange shoes and a blonde afro wig out in public.
  5. 6. You cheer for a crappy team who always chokes!! :rotfl:
  6. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    that last # 6 doesn't count.
    #6 you go on your team's message board even at work.
    #7 you start making plans for road trips the day the schedule comes out.
  7. erak

    erak New Member

    You know who "Chugger" refers to.
  8. monkeysack420

    monkeysack420 New Member

    You know your a bandit fan when you look for boxes so you can paint them Orange and Black and hold them up during the B_O_X chant
  9. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    #10) You have Bandit Parties when you order a road game that you can't go to on the internet! And you order pizza and wings, pop open some frosty beverages and huddle around the computer.
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  10. toros_00

    toros_00 Moderator

    Orange shoes are normal to you

    sorry I suck :(
  11. vinofan

    vinofan New Member

    11. You know who Toros, Bandit or Mac are! :rolleyes:

    11 b) Bonus points if you know who Laxmaster 101 is! ;)
  12. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member

    12 ish. You've claimed to be faster than Richie Kilgour (hey, we've all done it.) :D

    13 ish. A player that wore #17 not so long ago still makes you cringe.
  13. powellfan22

    powellfan22 New Member

    you see a blonde afro over the top of clothes racks at galleria mall Dicks sporting goods and you yell steenhuis and everyone looks at you funny. Then you double take when it is him and nobody else knows why your excited to talk to the guy hahahahah (true story thanks for taking the time Mark it was appreciated)
  14. clutch this!

    clutch this! New Member


    At work, you talk to your best bud and plan for the roadtrips, and which away games you will be going to. You also circle the last away game on the schedule.


    You get all your friends to get season tix for the first time, as soon as the schedule comes out, with your seats already planned.


    You start making tailgate checklists for every single game this year.
  15. Goose4lax

    Goose4lax Active Member

    17. You answer the question "Buffalo What?"
    with Bandits!!!
  16. Herbavor

    Herbavor Active Member

    18 You send your dogs to their crate by saying B-O-X

    19 You wear your Bandits jersey to Sabres games

    20 You have passed your infant down the autograph line to play a game of "sign the baby"
  17. monkeysack420

    monkeysack420 New Member

    21. You fight with other sections to see which section is louder (115 Baby)

    22. You sell out party city of orange face paint.

    23. you harrass rochester fans that their mascot is a moose and there logo is a bird

    24. You cried when they lossed Montour ( I still am trying to get over it)

    25. You take up Bagpipes as an insturment.
  18. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    26. You drive by Stein Mart and you say to yourself, "Who's Mart?" :rotfl:
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  19. ledzepp4858

    ledzepp4858 Member

    27. u get a pently in ur our lax games when u shout 'am blind am deaf i want to be a reff'

    28. u wear orange even tho people think ur parking cars
  20. Rax the Mascot

    Rax the Mascot New Member

    29. You have been calling the HSBC Arena in September (many times) to see when season tickets go on sale so you can add to yours.

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