Stephen Stamp's Mann Cup All-star Teams

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    I think Victoria won the series 4 games to 2. and Mr Stamp names these as his series all-star teams ????

    2015 Mann Cup All-stars
    1st Team
    F Corey Small
    F Curtis Dickson
    D Ryan Dilks
    D Greg Harnett
    D Robert Hope
    G Aaron Bold

    2nd Team
    F Chad Culp
    F Dan Dawson
    D Karsen Leung
    D Stephen Hoar
    D Scott Self
    G Matt Vinc

    Where the hell is Duch, Priolo, and even though Rory who only played 4 games, he was still a force in those 4, and set the tone in shutting down the LAKERS Offence, What about Ranger?

    Culp, Hoar, Self, come on, isn't that a little bit of Eastern bias coming in. The only guys your missing is Jim Brady, and the Evans Triplets.
    The 3 games i attended 4,5,6 , definetly should more than 6 out of 12 players from Victoria.
    Congratulations to the Shamrocks .
  2. laxveteran

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    Easterners always have a slanted view of reality, well done Vic! now the key is to go back to back, a very tough thing to do.
  3. RockStar

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    LMAO! Literary gold!

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