Storm Coming Back?

Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by titansfan1, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Wingslax33

    Wingslax33 Member

    If im recalling correctly Chicago had a good first year as a franchise. Didnt they bring 6-7k attendances? It could be better but certainly not bad for being a new team.
  2. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    the difference is was it all paid attendance? i was told no.....
  3. kaotik29

    kaotik29 New Member

    I would hope it shouldn't matter in year 1 as long as years 2 and on are (at least almost) all paid attendance.

    Honda Center had to have a huge price tag for the Storm (17,174 seating in hockey configuration). Places like the Sears Center (for Chicago) probably have a smaller price tag, but you need a good percentage of seats to be actually sold.

    That is why when it is brought up, I keep pushing for the Storm in Ontario, California.
  4. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    they can play even at SD for a cheaper in the Shockers indoor soccer arena. it's a small arena but it's better than no team. rent is cheap.

    or go to the sports arena....12k is better than 9k in Ontario,CA. Plus SD is a better area to get fans and a better lax area too. should be able to get 5K paid... don't think we can get 2K paid in the IE......
  5. Vin

    Vin Active Member

    Wow... it's been two years since someone posted in this forum. *sigh* I wish I could report happier times. One day, they will come.

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