Storm Fans, Take Your Medication Before Reading Further...

Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by Stormin' Bob, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Stormin' Bob

    Stormin' Bob New Member

    With two weeks remaining and the Storm in fourth place with a 4 - 9 record, they could still finish third and make the playoffs! Arizona is in third at 7 - 6. If Colorado can go into Phoenix and win next Saturday, and the Storm can beat Minnesota at the Pond, it comes down to a home and home battle of the Southwest between the Sting and the Storm in the last week of the season. The Storm have already set a franchise record for wins since moving to Anaheim and are on a two game winning streak. Can they run the table(and get help from Colorado) ? Sure they can. This is the new and improved Anaheim Storm.
    Congratulations to Derek Keenan, Jeff McComb and Jeremy Tallevi for bringing this young team along. And to our players, forget the past. You've got three games left that will define the future of this team. Go for it!

  2. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    How does the NLL do tie breaks on selecting playoff slots

    Bob, you are such an optimist. However, if Roik continues to play like he apparently did in Colorado, there is definitely hope.

    Anyway, assuming your scenario happens, the Storm win their last three, Sting lose their last three. The two teams end the season with a 7-9 record. How does the league determine who goes to the playoffs? There are only six teams in the playoffs, right? Is it the record against each other? An extra playoff game between the tied teams? Total goals scored?

    If you'd posted your message three weeks ago, we'd be laughing at you pretty loudly. Now, it's not so far fetched

    Go Storm! Like I've been saying all season, if Roik gives us whole games, instead of selective periods, he can be among the best in the league. His game Saturday proved this.

    207 A5/6 - See you there!
  3. CowtownLAXGirl

    CowtownLAXGirl New Member

    In the event of a tie between two teams, it is whichever team holds the win in the series (ex. if Calgary is tied with Colorado or Arizona, they are placed above them, because they won two out of three games with them...)

    Good luck with Minnesota... and I am rooting for Colorado cause I just am not an Arizona fan.... would love to have the Storm in the playoffs over Arizona anyday!
  4. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    As it stands now, there are two games left in the season series between Arizona and Anaheim. If 'Zona loses their next game, and Anaheim beats Minnesota and then takes the home and home against Arizona, then the Storm are IN!

    Hey, it could happen, and then Ben Knight will have to stop making Storm least until next season...
  5. vuduhealin

    vuduhealin New Member

    playoff storm

    If this happens then Keenan should win coach of the year.
    If 'Zona wins remaining games then Hamley should get coach of the year.

    As usual a very interesting finish to the season.

    bring it on.

  6. NLLStormCA

    NLLStormCA New Member

    this is the first time I have ever wanted the Mammoth to win....Go mammoth, Kill the Sting
  7. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    Love this line from the Storm web page

    "Good seats are still available for the last two home games of the season"

    Uh, yeah, you think?

    I redeemed my free four seats at the San Jose game, and the ticket agent kept saying this and that section was sold out, until we finally came up with some seats. However, half my section (where I wanted the seats, 207) was empty for the whole game. I guess that means we have a bunch of season seat holders who are not showing up (or an incompetent ticket clerk) My four guests sat in the seats next to mine (glass, 207A) the whole game, no one came to claim them :)

    I just hope the storm can get the word out that playoff hopes are ALIVE, and some more folks will show up for Saturday and next Friday. Talked to Foothill's coach Fox last night and he was *amazed* the Storm a) beat the Mammoth in Colorado and b) have a shot at the playoffs. If someone that connected with So. Cal. Lax is unaware, the Storm are definitely not reaching their target audience.

    Go Storm! Roik, Overall Player of the Week, Defensive Player of the Week. I knew ya had it in ya!

    207 A5/6
  8. MammothVoodoo

    MammothVoodoo New Member

    you can count on us... We're nothing but inconsistant this year, and the only way to REAMAIN that inconsistant after our HORID game against you guys (tips top hat to Roik though) is to crush the Sting.

    Just being sarcastic... thanks for the support. I sure hope we get em good for ya. Good luck on having everything work out in your favor.

  9. SGAstumpJ

    SGAstumpJ New Member

    You know, I've been looking through a lot of these posts today and I can't get over how many people are out there hoping we pull this off. Obviously, none of them are from Phoenix, but wow. People out there either love this wannabe-infant Cinderella story or else they really hate the Sting. Either way, we've got a lot of folks who want to see us move on. Hopefully, we won't disappoint.
  10. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    Not so fast. It would be nice for the Storm to make this amazing run to the playoffs, but midnight will strike on April 9th, when my favorite team, the Minnesota Swarm, gets revenge against the Storm for the loss my team suffered at home to your team in January. I watched that game in January and it chews at my hide how the Storm got over the Swarm.

    So if the Storm are expecting Matt Disher and Teddy Jenner to come to the Pond and save them, well they're coming alright, with the Minnesota Swarm, to put the dagger in the Storm and their precious playoff hopes.

    I see the following:
    Swarm 16

    Storm 11

    I'll be listening to the streaming audio of the game through and I will hear a Swarm victory.
  11. Phoenix_Sting

    Phoenix_Sting New Member

    It would have taken a remarkable run of games going in the Storms favor, looks like it won't happen. I was actually over in Orange County much of the day today, wasn't able to get back to the Sting game tonight but thought about going to the Pond, just had to head back too early.

    I will be back in Anaheim Friday afternoon and will see y'all at the game Friday night. The main drama remaining seems to be whether Calgary will actually complete their total meltdown and still find a way to lose the division...again, would take a remarkable run of games to go in the Stings favor...and yet...

    I'll be in section 207 Row B, look for the dude in the leather jacket cheering for the Sting.
  12. redman

    redman New Member

    I'm pretty sure they could see you ego coming from miles away
  13. Phoenix_Sting

    Phoenix_Sting New Member

    Redman: "I'm pretty sure they could see you ego coming from miles away"

    ...why is it only necks fans who seem to like to personally insult other fans in these forums...
  14. redman

    redman New Member

    I see you're recycling your old posts.

    And I'm just shocked that you can have such an inflated ego about your team when 1: Since its inception they've never made the playoffs.

    and 2: When Calgary was in the middle of our so called "meltdown" we still managed to beat the Sting.

    Now, I have nothing against the sting, but you just give all Sting fans a bad name.
  15. Phoenix_Sting

    Phoenix_Sting New Member meltdown
  16. redman

    redman New Member

    Yup, and still beat the Sting in the middle of it apparently
  17. Phoenix_Sting

    Phoenix_Sting New Member

    Yup...and you also lost to the Sting in the middle of it...

    Calgary: 3 losses in 4 games...including a loss to the Sting
    Arizona: 5 wins in 7 games...including wins over Calgary and Colorado

    which one of these ships is going in the right direction and which one is going through a don't have to have a huge ego to see that
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  18. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Seems like a good point to me
  19. Resolute

    Resolute New Member

    Point or no point, doesnt change the fact that a Roughnecks team in the middle of a meltdown beat the snot out of Arizona once, and very nearly won the second game in AZ.

    If there should be a Calgary-Phoenix playoff game, I wouldnt be trotting the "meltdown" line out as a defense of the Sting's chances.
  20. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    Looks like you'll be behind me

    I'll be in section 207 Row B, look for the dude in the leather jacket cheering for the Sting.[/QUOTE]

    I'm in 207 A 5/6 so you'll be behind me. See you there tonight.
    The B row are lousy seats, unfortunately, can't see the far side of the pond because the players in the box all stand up.

    What a disappointment the overtime loss. Another Roik 4th quarter meltdown.

    Good luck in the playoffs, Sting. We'll be doing our best to deprive you of home field games in the playoffs :rotfl:

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