Storm gets a ticket to the dance!

Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by Hailstorm, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm New Member

    What's going to happen when the Storm smokes the Sting in a home and home next week. Poor Sting.
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  2. Stormin' Bob

    Stormin' Bob New Member

    No Dancing Yet

    The Storm doesn't have a ticket to anywhere yet. Let's concentrate on the Swarm game this Saturday at the Pond. We'll let Colorado worry about the Sting this weekend. The Swarm are just like the Storm, they're playing for the future. I'm sure they would love to get their 4th win at our expense. So our guys better be ready to play hard for 60 minutes and get another 'W' before they start thinking about doing any dancing.
  3. NLLStormCA

    NLLStormCA New Member

    i wish I could be at the Colo VS Az game...its goin to be a good one...Panos is probably still pissed he got traded and he probably wants to show them up...and P. Gait is looking bad, so its going to be sad seeing him get laid out a couple times...they should have kept Panos...
  4. SGAstumpJ

    SGAstumpJ New Member

    Let's just worry about this week first

    Just a reminder that we have to take care of Minnesota before we set our sights on AZ. If we don't beat the Swarm, the rest is irrelevant. That said, this team is really coming together. That game against Colorado is the best I've ever read about them on this site (since no one bothers to give the Storm any sort of media coverage). If they give half the effort Saturday that they did last week, this one is in the bag. But let's get that win first, then we can watch the scoreboard.

    Cautiously optimistic,
  5. CowtownLAXGirl

    CowtownLAXGirl New Member

    Contrary to popular belief, the Swarm are not a team to take lightly. I mean, they beat Rochester twice... and have held some good teams to within one when they lost.

    Not that I don't want you guys to win! I don't really want Arizona in the finals (they've been so sure they were a shoo in and have had troubles clinching that last playoff spot). So good luck, but don't expect much less than the best from Minnesota - they got nothin to lose!
  6. NLLStormCA

    NLLStormCA New Member

    they are going to need more then half the effort they gave the week b4, if anything they need to come out ever harder and quicker, they need to make a statement if they want a chance for the playoffs. this should be the best game they play all year, this game will make or break them.
    Go STORM!!
  7. justus

    justus New Member

    You guys just worry about your end. We will take care of the Sting!

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