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Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by Stormin' Bob, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Stormin' Bob

    Stormin' Bob New Member

    I got an E-mail indicating the Storm will be hosting a reception for season ticket holders prior to Friday's game at the Anaheim Club. Anyone planning on going? I wonder if Commissioner Jim Jennings will be there? I can't wait for him to elaborate on his comments about the Storm moving to New York City and playing in MSG next year. I've been waiting for two years for him to share the NLL's vision for Indoor Lacrosse in the American Southwest. I guess moving back east is it. You need considerable work on this vision thing commissioner. If your planning on attending you better wear black. This sounds more like a funeral than a fan appreciation reception.

  2. Stormin' Bob

    Stormin' Bob New Member

    Correction to Above

    I stand corrected. Commissioner Jennings didn't say there was a possibility of moving the Storm back to New York. But he did say a decision would be made soon on the future of the franchise in Anaheim, Calif., which hasn't attracted many supporters. Sorry for the confusion. I've been hearing too many rumors lately about this team moving to different locations. I hope they decide the best place is right were they are.
  3. hawkseyeview

    hawkseyeview Banned

    ya better fill the seats for the last game... show the team, ya'll love em
  4. NLLStormCA

    NLLStormCA New Member

    Jennings is a SAINT!!

    they will keep the storm on the west coast, they are trying to put lacrosse out there, and thats how you do it, by moving west, if anything they will put the teams like(Ottawa, Vancouver, boston, or the New York that all have suspended teams) back in NY(MSG), there is a reason it didnt work in NY so why would they move the storm back east. If anything the Storm would want to stay in socal, there is a HUGE market out here, but I think you have to put blame on how the team was marketed to the public, and the problem there is that they didnt do anything to tell us about the team that was in anaheim, I heard about the STORM through other people.
    If anything Jenning is a SAINT cuz be put them in so cal, and I think that was a big step for the league.If the Team was marketed better I dont think we would be talking about this right now and he is not incharge of marketing the STORM, we have to blame the people that work for the STORM.
  5. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    the storm were last in the worst place in NJ north Jersey is horrible
    they cant support the Devils either (fill the seats) but if you put a team in heart of NY(city) then a team may be able to work remember buffalo and rochester are all in NY and they have successful franchises
  6. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    I'm planning on going, but I may not make it, as we have two extra seats besides our pair of season seats and unless I can get them in, we'll probably stay out.

    I went to the buffet last year, it was a pretty poor buffet, but it was nice to ask questions of the (then) coach and players. I was surprised at the crowd.

    So, if the Storm may move next season, what happens to the two scoop n shoot winners from last week who got storm season seats for 2006?

    Let's end the season on a high note, beat the Sting home and home... :)

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