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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by AP, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. AP

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    We've confirmed through a source that the PLPA has in fact told its players that there will be a strike action as of Midnight Friday.
  2. durhamlax

    durhamlax New Member

    As a fan I read this and had to digest the following statement from Jim Jennings:

    Well Mr. Jennings hear this: I am troubled by the fact that it took the league until Nov. 15 to pay up debts caused by their group of owners. You and the NLL were in no position to negotiate.

    I believe the mudslinging has started.

  3. ChadB

    ChadB New Member

    Bad enough that a quarter of the teams move in the offseason and now a strike. Way to go NLL!!
  4. Rids

    Rids New Member

    The actions of an owner doesn't reflect on the league it reflects on the people that make up the league. And it has really nothing to do with CBA negotiating. You can set up the guidelines of a contract with another party even if you haven't been paid for previous contracts and avoiding that is just childish. I won't get things done because a third party didn't pay. In fact it should've been even more incentive to get a deal done so that if a team owner does not pay in a timely fashion that there are guidelines on how to deal with that. Even the CFL has guidelines on that with a 3 day limit following games to have their players paid. First is a warning then the ceasing of the franchise. If the CFL can manage to set that up why not the NLL???

    Now if you are referring to some debts caused by the NLL directly then yes I could see an issue with them being over due, but I believe you are talking about the situations in Columbus and New York.
  5. durhamlax

    durhamlax New Member

    There were more than just situations in Cbus and NY. Ask some players around you. I am sorry to point out but yes the actions of an owner do reflect the league. The NLL is not a third body. How can you even refer the the league as that? They are employees of the 10 owners in this league. No matter how you cut it.

    The players would have been setting up a CBA which wasn't fully enforced in the first place, so why would they forge ahead with another? I can see it now:
    NLL: Well the CBA has expired time to negotiate.
    Player: Sorry your owners still owe us money.

    NLL: Don't worry about, you'll get your let's talk
    Players: Yes lets set up a new contract even though you couldn't fulfill the last one!!
    Why is this the first of a JJ being a figure in this? I mean it is less than a few weeks away, and he polks his head out now?

    Childish? Tell that to some players near you and see their reaction.
  6. viking

    viking New Member

    Bad news

    Please boys... play nice. Talk it up and make a deal. Jennings inherited some real losers as owners...Mike Gongas...but finally got rid of him, but he took down NY and Columbus first. Now JJ has professional sports marketing owners poised to market the product this year... Coast to Coast ..finally. Like Wayne Gretzky..come on its time to play...The players should sign a conditional agreement to play 2004 ...that pay will be covered by the other owners or some insurance policy in the future.
    But talk men... we need a good season in 2004.

    Its time to Grow, not time to Go..Damn Damn Damn :confused:
  7. halfcent

    halfcent New Member

    Boy Rids, I want you to come and work for me. I am going to screw you over this year, but don't let that stop you from working for me next year. I promise I won't screw you over again, yah right.
  8. Lax Fan

    Lax Fan New Member


    Well Rids it is people like you that only state part of the facts that cause problems, just like JJ. First Vancouver and Ottawa did not pay their players. Ottawa same owner as TO. There were guidlines in place for non payment but the NLL did not follow them. There was no reason the Ottawa player should not have been paid. So you want the players to go to the bargainning table in good faith with owners like that. I don't think if your boss did not pay you that you would jump in to negotiate a new contract. So you can believe all the BUL$HIT coming out of JJ's mouth if you want but just know this that is just what it is, BULL$HIT. Like I have said before JJ is one of this leagues biggest problems. The NLL needs to be run like a professional league and JJ and some of the owners do not seem to want that. Way to go PLPA I am with you all the way. By the way a rookie pay has been cut in half when you count in missed work, travel expenses etc. that would no longer be paid separately.
  9. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    sniff, sniff.........the pessimist in me smells the beginning of the end.

    Fortunately most of me is an optimist.

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    end it before it starts

    :confused: fans right now

    :mad: fans on saturday
  11. overhand

    overhand New Member

    Even a quick end will put a bad taste in some fans mouths. If it takes any longer than a little bit, it will just alienate even more people. As a fan, I'm not even sure if I care which side is right or wrong - I just want to watch pro lacrosse.
    Part of what I preached to newcomers was that lax players didn't do the crap that other pros did - like the after the whistle pushing and shoving in hockey games, ignoring their fans, arrogant attitudes and that type of thing. While these examples don't happen in our league yet, this work stoppage/strike may cause the NLL to look like the other leagues and perhaps that other stuff will come later.
    There has been many posts devoted to expanding the NLL season if the NHL strikes next year. No one has talked about what happens if the NLL strikes now or is not even around next year.
    Goodness me, this has got to be nipped in the bud before it gets any bigger.
    Never mind putting the negotiators in a board room. Put them on the field with a stick and ball and let them whack the $#*@ out of each other until somebody gives and they get the CBA done.
    OK, I'm kidding, the CBA needs to be taken seriously, so why don't they then?
  12. Tsitshoh

    Tsitshoh New Member

    Future NLL Headlines about an extended strike


    Did anyone hear that John Tavares is putting together an all star team to tour Europe playing friendly exhibition games while the strike is on? Apparently there is free floortime in Prague.

    The Majors will announce that they have increased the schedule to 30 games, only the top four team make the best of seven playoff series and Buffalo has been granted an expansion franchise. Darris-ball is finally criticised as being too soft.

    With all that unrequieted NLL fervour, Brampton notices a significant attendance improvement - 4 more people show up.

    A dozen more top flight field players opt out of the pro box game because those "Canadian-style" contract negotiations are too rough and full of goons. But we know it is really those prejudice coaches in the background making all the noise.

    Finally the NLL folds only to be immediately replaced by "Arena Lacrosse." This new league attracts 29 initial franchises, 5 in New York City alone; lands a huge sports cable package deal and replaces pro bowling as the number 4 sport in American hearts.

    It does not replace the number 4 sport pro curling in Canada however, as the pro curling tour insitutes body checking and really cool jerseys. A new pro curling franchise in Ontario names themselves the Toronto Last Rock. They sell out every game.

    As the years pass by, the days of the NLL becomes a distant memory kept alive by retro message boards on the Internet. On one such board, a pair of ancient and creaky hands logon and ask the eternal question: Whatever happened to Baggy anyways?


    They can get their shot together and work something out pronto before my kids whip any more holes in the basement drywall. If they don't I am sending the repair bill to JJ...



  13. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big New Member

    Ine thing is for certain

    A strike is no way to attract new fans and strengthen the NLL.
  14. SjstealthJunkie

    SjstealthJunkie New Member


    I'm not going to sit and worry too much about the strike because both sides have entirely too much to lose not to get a deal done quickly. Besides, it gives all the teams with no television or radio coverage more time to get those things in place... Plus, it gives me more time to get my site done...


    Note to all... with the exception of the first line, the rest of this e-mail was written sarcastically (although there is some truth to that last line about my website...)... This strike comes with some lousy timing -- I'd just written a reply to wonderful letter from Vin in the San Jose forums, posted it, and then --BAM-- we're in strike... It's moments like that when I appreciate that being laid back is a law here otherwise...


    (~~~ no PLPA or NLL negotiators were grievously injured during teh creation of this rant, only slightly maimed.~~~)

    an enthusiastically frustrated San Jose Stealth Junkie...
    the San Jose Stealth Junkie's Fan Information Center -- coming as soon as this strike's over!!!
  15. flagman

    flagman Banned

    LETS hope its just posturing

    I hope this is just posturing on behalf of the PLPA !! We all have lots to lose (Owners, Players, and fans) I keep telling on my non-lax friends that Lax players and the league are soo in touch with their fan base. _

    In this case bad publicity is worse than NO publicity.

  16. IanK#12

    IanK#12 New Member

    Pro curling tour....

    That is way too funny Tsitshoh!

    Should be an interesting situation in Prince George tomorrow the players walk down the hall to the coaches rooms at midnight hand them a beer & say "oh by the way we're on strike now". :confused:
  17. ckg68

    ckg68 New Member

    All I'll say is this:This had better be posturing on the part of BOTH the PLPA and the owners. Otherwise,I'm going to be if I'm not bent enough with the fact that the NLL season might circle the drain before the first faceoff is even done. the right thing...GET THE JOB DONE. I don't care if you have to have your meals,drinks,etc.taken up to the negotiating table,but neither side leaves until a deal is done that BOTH sides can live with. The fans should not be jammed,but unfortunately,we're in the middle. And remember...if you lose fans because of this....


    (with a nod to all mad LAX fans....)

    Carl...not caring how the deal's done,just that it's DONE fairly
    and right...

    "It's all about the game and how you play it..." -Motorhead
  18. judge death

    judge death New Member

    HOOLIGAN posted this in another forum.
    If its right the league looks ready to get it done just the players taking there time making them sweat a little to make there point.This could ruin any TV deals for a usa national weekly broadcast that was waiting to be announced by the league and network.
    December 4, 2003



    The National Lacrosse League has received notice that the players association has called for a strike of players' strike effective Saturday, December 6, 12:01 AM Eastern. The vote to strike this Saturday was apparently taken by the association’s ten player representatives (one on each of the league's ten member clubs) and not all of the players.

    The NLL made its initial proposal to the players’ association on July 31,
    2003, the day the prior Collective Bargaining Agreement expired. The
    players’ association did not provide a counter proposal until November 8 and
    did not meet with league representatives until November 15. The league’s
    negotiating committee has notified the players’ association that they are
    available to meet everyday until an agreement is reached. To date, the players’ association negotiating team has only been available to meet on certain weekends and refused to meet over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

    The league communicated its latest proposal on December 3 to the players’ association, which included the following benefits for players:

    54% increase in mandatory spending floor each team must spend.

    40% increase in maximum individual player salary.

    Revenue sharing with players of league revenues.

    League Commissioner Jim Jennings made the following statement with regards to the matter:

    “We are most troubled by the refusal of union leaders to negotiate with us in a timely manner. The league made its initial offer to the PLPA on July 31st. The PLPA did not provide a counter proposal until November 15th, less than six weeks prior to the opening date of the 2003-2004 regular season. We have remained ready, willing and able to reach a new agreement.”

    “The NLL has no intentions of locking our players out. Our teams will begin signing players next week and the season will begin on December 26th as scheduled. We are confident that the season will go on—one way or another. The contraction of three clubs in the past two seasons has resulted in the loss of 69 jobs creating a significant amount of competition for roster sports.”
  19. DW_23

    DW_23 New Member

    The RoughNecks and Ravens game is still on for friday night.
    I heard it from Toth him self on QR77 tonight.
  20. Resolute

    Resolute New Member

    As I said earlier, this strikes me as being a lot like the ECHL strike. Both sides know that there is no way this league will survive a labour war that extends into the season. The PLPA is hoping the owners cave. if they dont, they will negotiate to get something done in time for the 26th.

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