Superman can fly outdoor as well as indoors

Discussion in 'MLL Forum' started by roadrunner, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. roadrunner

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    Came across an MLL game by chance on the weekend.

    Had to laugh that the play by play and color guys were foaming at the mouth about Dickson and it was like he was some new lax player on the scene. Pretty sure they had never taken the time to watch him play an indoor game. Dickson even did a Superman impression after one of his goals and they didn't pick up on it. They should be on that like white on rice - good for the league.

    I most likely will watch an other Outlaws game this season just to see how well Dickson can do.
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    Most of these announcers could barely name one NLL team... I remember the past few years Shanahan would do color for the Nationals games, and the play by play guy was so clueless, he kept saying Evan Kirk played for the "Minnesota Wild" in the NLL... And for almost half a quarter, was calling him Kirk Evan, Shanny kept having to correct him lol
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