Tavares and Kilgour named co-head coaches, Cordingley moved to assistant GM

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Torbald2895, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Interesting. Troy gets out from the behind the bench which will mean at least 1 less bench penalty per game. :p

    I always felt that if the NLL is going to expand, they need to have assistant GMs for each team that could learn in the role and then get hired by expansion teams. That could be the case here but it smells like someone higher up is putting Chugger on a short leash this year.

    This is a curious quote, though: “After multiple conversations and a great deal of reflection, Troy and I felt it was the right move for him to shift from a coaching role to a scouting one,” Dietrich said in the release.

    Also, in checking the Twitters, Jack Goods will be leaving The Buffalo News soon. He stated that he doesn't know who will take over the Bandits beat. Good luck Jack in landing a new gig! Maybe The Athletic? Or Buffalo Maven with Bucky/Sully?
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    Co-head coaches? What could go wrong!
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    Co-coaches wasn't a terrible setup in Colorado a few years ago. I'm not saying that it'll work in Buffalo, but at least they have a couple of guys who probably have good chemistry together in Tavares and Kilgour.
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    Sure but what did they win? Nothing. They were the 2nd best team in the West, though. But you're right......Richie and JT have been working the bench for Six Nations for a couple of years now but Richie is the head coach and JT is an assistant there. Maybe they get along fine but I still think you need a singular voice behind the bench to set the tone. I guess we'll see how this works out.
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    I agree that I'd rather have a singular voice as the head of the table, not a 2-3 person setup. I'm guessing that Tavares will coach the offense and Kilgour will coach the defense? As for Colorado, while they didn't win a championship they did go 12-6 one year with the 3-man setup. Again, I'm not advocating for more teams to try the co-coach setup because I don't generally care for it, but I don't think it's as much of a joke as some in Bandits land will perceive it as.

    It is kinda interesting though how Kilgour was the captain while Tavares wore the 'A,' is the head coach in 6 Nations while Tavares is his assistant, and after 30 years of lacrosse Tavares has finally reached Kilgour's level :p
  7. Maybe the Co-Head coach thing has something to do with Darris' hit and run accident,
    GoFundMe page says he could be in a wheelchair and out of work up to 10 months (https://www.gofundme.com/darris-kilgour-relief-fund)

    im assuming itll be pretty hard to be head coach from a wheelchair on a bench that is likely not wheelchair accessible.

    I would assume they would wheel him around the turf during practice and have him in the upper level boxes during game time with JT behind the bench during the game.
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    This is Richie Kilgour that's been named co-head coach, not Darris. Two different people.....
  9. good call, i guess now everyone knows i cant read....

    maybe ill buy one of those fake diplomas after all
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    Why not just make JT the head coach, period?
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    Remember when Jim and Dwight were co-managers of the Scranton branch?
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    can someone post the actual article, buffalo news is being all buffalo newsy
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    Yes. But of Richie and JT, which one is Jim and which one is Dwight? :cool:
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    Not much changed here. As mentioned John will have control of offens and Richie will run defense. They will keep same game strategy as before and both be voices to team on and off floor. I would send John to have the discussions with officials in game as he would most likely garner the respect. Then a co general manager with Troy and Chugger. Oh and wait in a years time We have conownership of 2 teams.....so does this set up chugger as g, of one and Troy the other as well as either rich or Jt hired as their head coach leaving the other as sole bandit HC in a year......hmmmmmm...here we go
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    Meh honestly the players are more important. 1, 2, 3 head coaches whatever. Talented enough guys will make it work. Last years roster, was not that.
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    I think it matters. But, as I said, we'll see how this plays out.
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    I don’t think there’s some scheme on offense or defense that is just gonna make this roster good. Look at the top dawgs in the league, their rosters are loaded. Any of these retread coaches in this league would make it work with Rochester and Rush rosters.
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    Let's get real here........I get the need for filling the new openings in Rochester next year. BUT, at the end of the season before last there was talk of a "mutiny" by the players. Some said the reason Benesch and Brock were relocated is that they were the ring leaders. Then this season, a person close to the players put the story out that the players were fed up with being yelled at by the coaching staff. So much so that Priolo went to the staff and asked that he be allowed to do the yelling. Assistant Coach Dave Pym, on a radio broadcast of an away game, said they worked all week on one timing passes across the defenses, Not catch. look and shoot, just catch and shoot. He pointed out the players weren't listening.
    I'm not sure this enough of a change. If the players had tuned out coaches to that point, I doubt keeping some coaches will work. Only time will tell.
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    Its still the same staff that has sucking the air out of the First Niagara Center they just keep rotating the parts. Buffalo needs a new coaching team this bunch of buddies have been running the Bandits since 2003 with one Championship to show for it. The Bandits fired Darris but kept all his staff now they move Troy and again the staff remains. Five of the last seven seasons have been losing and only Darris and Teat have moved on. Everyone from the GM down needs to go.
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