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    I thank Curt Styres for buying the KHawks in 2008 and keeping the team here in Rochester, when we easily could have been without a team altogether. The years during his ownership have certainly been the highlight of my 25 years as a fan, aside from the 2007 season :). Just after he bought the team, I was able to meet him at a Rattlers game where he was promoting the NLL & Knighthawks. My son was wearing his Knighthawks 2007 NLL Championship shirt and I remember Curt saying to him, “We’ll have to get you a new one of those”. He got us three in a row. He built a winning team that provided countless hours of enjoyment for my family and I. It is a kick in the balls knowing the players and staff I’ve watched over the years will be moving after this season, but it’s Curt’s team and I wish him well in Halifax.

    I thank Curt Styres and Terry Pegula for working out a deal that keeps NLL lacrosse in Rochester. I have been a season ticket holder since the inception of the Knighthawks in 1995. Through the Donner era and the Styres era, I’ve supported the Knighthawks by buying tickets, buying merchandise, and spreading the word of box lacrosse to family and friends trying to get butts in seats. I will continue to support the Knighthawks and hope the Pegula era will continue to bring me the same level of enjoyment of this great sport.

    The NLL is not a major league, and even if it were, teams would still move and fold with some regularity. Hell, Boston has lost their team twice! This is the life of an NLL fan. I hope Halifax does succeed as a franchise and helps the NLL to grow. I am happy to still have the opportunity to support and watch the 25th and 26th season of Knighthawks lacrosse in Rochester.

    And for the record, I would totally take Cody Jamison on the new 2019-20 Knighthawks if he doesn’t want to play in Halifax! :D

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