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    Great game great atmosphere in that arena. TONS of bandits fans omg!! Attendence was a little over 9,000 and i would hate to see what it would be without any bandit fans there. Greatest thing happened to me during halftime, a father and a very young son (maybe 6 or 7 years old) walked by me and the father tells him to start yelling bandits suck haha it was the greatest thing ive ever seen. Father teaching him right thats for sure. Gota start them off young and protect your home house. Good guys, shook there hands, exchanged a couple bandit/ k hawks suck chants and went on our ways. That kid was damn funny tho. I was impressed. I think bandit land needs to recruit him. :p ;) great game tho, thanks!
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    I think I might have heard the same kid last night. standing in line for a drink I heard a kid say that too. turned to the guy in line with me(a knighthawks fan) and said that that must be a very bold kid to be screaming that right behind where the bandits sections were. yea, I stated a chant in the hallways to but it was bringing up my own team. I bet if the kid was starting a pro-hawks chant there wouldn't be the same reaction.
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    It IS horrible - and I hope it is not true. As been said over and over again, we all have "tough guys" that ruin the true fan base of all teams, in all arenas.

    The buffalo showing last night was impressive. I saw and met some real nice and great spirited Buffalo fans, but also saw ones that acted as though they owned the place (tough guys) - along with some of our own Rochester "Get out of our way, this is our house tough guys"- there was no doubt that there would be trouble after the game and/or during as I watched these types of individuals walk through the halls and in the isles. Sad, but true. It just is unbelievable that it would go so far to injure peole. My hope is that it was
    between the guys mentioned above and not involving the "I'm here to watch the game and feel the excitement" fans of both towns. Should that be the case, then both sides I am sure antagonized each other and therefore there should be no blame or finger pointing - anyone going looking for trouble always finds it........maybe we need to add the RPD to our bathrooms during such intense games.

    I just hope all is well and the ones who were involved feel like POS's today.

    Great game - couldn't of asked for anything more of both teams -
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    It's interesting that no one else saw anything but if it did happen then we wish them the best. No one deserves to be injured but I'm also sure they weren't innocent angels either. There were some definite trouble starting fans on both sides and a very intense game creates alot of tension. We had some crazy fans in front of us and we went back and forth all game but at the end we were fine and talked about a great game. This type of thread comes up everytime we play with people calling each other names and so on. Fans that travel to support their teams should be commended and this sort of repetitious thread is getting old.
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    I have no idea who you are, and don't care. Some guy who comes off like he thinks he is better than everyone else on a message board that less than 100 people visit..
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    I shook a couple hands. Then some chick was talking trash because I was also being loud and cheering and yelling at john grant when we were walking out. I said good game and tried to shake her hand but she blew me off. I grabbed her shoulder and said "Look i'm just trying to say good game". Than some DB kid pushed me thinking I was harrassing her and his friend held him back. Me and my boys were abt to F him up. Bandit fans are way less classy than Roc fans. I too made the trip to HSBC for the game and after every bandit goal you hear it from the fans. Really? Who does that? Just enjoy the game theres no need for that. It's not like it matters whos more or less classy anyway, it's not a competition. Most of you guys are Bills/Sabres fans too and those two teams come before the NLL anyday in my opinion. T.O.= playoffs!
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    thats where you were wrong. You have no right to touch someone.
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    yea i really dont think that was a good idea.
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    You need to come out from behind the computer....really you do.
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    No because your a poser. However, I believe the moderators can check your IP.Thats what I shall do ask Gonzo to appear.
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    Not sure what you mean. If you are sarcastic, ok. If you are serious, you are just as bad as that parent teaching their kid to yell Bandits Suck. No wonder kids have so little respect these days, for anyone or anything, when they are brought up like that. That to me is classless...and just plain stupid. We one by a goal in overtime. It wasn't like we won 23-6 or something.
    Who is we?? Please speak for yourself, not the rest of us. I never hated them at all. It's only a game, why would "hate" even be brought into it??

    Hmmm..."about to F him up"...yeah, that sounds classy.

    Wasn't that just a response? The response you said you weren't going to make?:confused2:

    Does anyone have anything lacrosse related to post instead of these stupid jabs at the other teams fans??
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    Vukster....Jabs are mean't or the UFC!!!!:rolleyes:
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    Yeah youre totally right, I had a little too much to drink last night, maybe that had somthing to do with it.
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    omg, it sounds like the bearded is back!.....

    not another Twilight Zone story!!!!!!!!:eek::eek:
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    everyone always asks for peace and love once these threads start but there is no sense in trying. just passionate fans expressing themselves.

    ps did anyone not sitting in section 122 hear the BOX chants? we did them after every penalty.. just wondering if the rest of the arena heard us?

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