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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by BBailey182, May 9, 2017.

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    I'm not sure than anyone here wants to review the just completed Bandits season. But I always write a recap up at the end of the season as a reference tool (you'd be surprised how often I go back and check stuff during the season) and post it here (because many loyal fans are here). So, here it is:

    The offseason will be long, but I don't think it will be boring.

    -- Budd Bailey
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  2. Rick716

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    Great work as always Budd! The Bandits History Blog is a fantastic historical reference. I always look forward to your articles and coverage. It is much appreciated. Definitely looking forward to those little Bandits nuggets that appear in the News as it gets closer to the season and then of course your articles next year.
  3. Very nice review!

    Those are ominous words coming from Steenhuis at the end of the article. A lot of important decisions certainly need to be made over the next few months. At the moment, I'm in favor of a modest re-tooling of the defense instead of an all-out rebuild. However, I'm open to being persuaded the other way.

    A couple points I'd like to add for such a discussion:

    1. The Bandits have 10 first and second round draft picks over the next 3 drafts. Expansion may water these picks down a bit, but that's still enough young talent trickling in to repair the roster holes while remaining competitive on the floor. Competitive with the likes of Georgia and Saskatchewan? Maybe...not sure...
    2. Of the 26 players currently affiliated with the roster, only 6 are over the age of 30: Cosmo, Steenhuis, BD Smith, Watt, Benesch, and Brock. The common thinking is that the Bandits are a really old team, but I don't think they are actually that old when compared to the rest of the league. Of these 6, only Steenhuis, Smith, and Benesch have any significant trade value.
  4. chuckster

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    Steenhuis and BD Smith would likely only play in Toronto or Rochester so that limits their value. I don't know what Benesch's family situation is but he might be in a similar boat as the others.

    Getting #1 overall and then having #11 and #12 overall this year should help any rebuild. If they can add the stud lefty scorer and then some true defensive help.....not more of these transition guys who can't defend 1-on-1 down low.....then maybe this rebuild is quick.

    The big question is in goal. Cosmo retires and Diruscio hasn't shown he can be the #1. Orleman is unknown. The Swarm solved their goaltending problem with Poulin in free agency.....could Buffalo do something similar this year?
  5. Steve Gorman

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    Lets call it like it is. The Bandits brass have continued to trade top draft picks for older veterans and goalies. The Rush won the Championship and added a top player in a trade, as well as the 1st and 3rd pick in the draft. The Bandits spent their 2nd pick of the draft again on a goalie. Use your picks on athletic forwards and defensemen and stop with your over evaluation of goalies. Stop trading away picks, and stop holding on to old players that can not contribute like Steenhuis, Cosmo and Smith. The Bandits brass, did nothing all offseason while other teams actually worked. They pissed away draft picks, and now lack of depth from drafts has destroyed them. Go back and listen to the training camp videos from Troy. "By far the deepest team ive ever coached." If that's actually his assessment then he should be fired.
  6. Steve Gorman

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    After the last game of the season, I took my wife's Billy D Smith jersey and tossed it out the window on Smith Street. SHOW UP NEXT YEAR!
  7. AmericanRockFan

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    And how did your wife react to this?
  8. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    OK, let's REALLY call it like it is.

    "The Bandits brass have continued to trade top draft picks for older veterans and goalies." First define "top draft picks". They traded 4 #1s in past years to get Cosmo and Benesch, and from what Chugger has said, that practice is done. They have traded 2nds and 3rds plus roster players to get other guys.....deSnoo comes to mind. But every team makes trades like 2nds and 3rds and players for other players. It's not unusual.

    "The Bandits spent their 2nd pick of the draft again on a goalie. Use your picks on athletic forwards and defensemen and stop with your over evaluation of goalies." Buffalo picked a goalie in the 2nd round in 2005 -- Mike Poulin who never played in Buffalo. They did it 2016 to pick Kevin Orleman. So they've done it twice in the last 12 years. Orleman played in the ALL this year but Buffalo has his rights. If Cosmo really does retire, Orleman gets a big chance at being the starter. I wasn't keen on taking Orleman as I would have preferred Jamieson who went to NE with the very next pick but your GM who is a NLL Hall of Fame goalie should know what makes 1 goalie prospect better than another. is your friend......

    "The Bandits brass, did nothing all offseason while other teams actually worked. They pissed away draft picks, and now lack of depth from drafts has destroyed them." When you reach the Finals the year before and lose by a total of 3 goals to a dynasty in the making, how much do you want the roster to change? They lost Thorimbert and Culp.....that was it....and basically replaced them with Saunders and Edwards while platooning in young guys who they drafted in previous years to fill in. Injuries to Dhane and Benesch hurt, the defense was suspect and the goaltending fell apart.

    This past season sucked but it gets them #1 overall in the draft and the moves Chugger made gets them the 1st 2 picks in round 2 where good D men will be found.
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  9. chuckster

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    I bet he doesn't get the Internet in the car he's been sleeping in since he did that.
  10. Rick716

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    Excellent post Chuckster. Much of the trading away of #1 picks came under the Darris regime. That hurt them in the long run. Chugger has been trying to stockpile some picks recently. Seeing what Georgia has done through the draft makes me jealous. I'd love to see Buffalo package one or more of their second rounders with a player to get another first rounder this year. Rochester has 3 first rounders this year! The following year's draft Buffalo has their own 1st rounder plus Vancouver's.
  11. Steve Gorman

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    The Bandits fell into the trap on constantly trading away picks for older players. There are team with 3 1st round picks this year, and teams that had that last year. It's nice to see Buffalo finally getting to the party realizing that 1st round draft picks are essential.

    Im looking forward to next year and hoping it involves a team on the floor without Steenhuis and Billy D Smith, I mean his jersey has already been tossed out on Smith St. I think the same should go for him. I think the "boys club" of ex Bandit players coaching and in management decisions I think needs to be reexamined.

    This division looks to be Georgia's for years to come as well as Saskatchewan's in the west.

  12. Steve Gorman

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    Who in this organization do I bill for all the babysitting expenses from this year that my wife and I inquired? Does supporting this charity of "can't play lax players" count as a tax write off? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!
  13. Snider4theWin

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    Take the kids to the game
    Don't be cheap
  14. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Well, keep in mind that the garbage pile went to the Championship the previous year and the Bandits still have the #3 offense in the league but clearly had the worst defense.
    Sure, some changes are in order just like after a few years ago when the Bandits finished last in the league also - the only team NOT to make the playoffs that year - yet they came back to make it to that Championship series last season.
  15. AmericanRockFan

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    I'm curious to know if "donating" a Billy Dee Smith jersey to the homeless man that is probably sleeping in it also counts as a tax write off....
  16. chuckster

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    In the words of J. Peterman. "that's perfect irony!" :cool:
  17. BigDave

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    Ummm, it's Billy Dee Smith, not Billy D Smith
  18. RockStar

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    Dee starts with D last time I are technically correct :)
  19. Niagra Ned

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    This was one of the toughest seasons I can remember. I missed the first homestand and then decided to stay away the rest of the year. Bad start and injuries just made the year look bleak from the onset. Cosmo didn't recover from the goal from center in the last game of the finals and I can't see the Bandits improving without getting a better starter. Smith and Benesch dealt with injuries and that is this real reason the season was lost. The defense was bad and it looked like they were out of it game after game. Coaches aren't changing so expect players heads to roll. Count on Steenhuis, BD Smith, Cosmo and Benesch to be playing somewhere else or retired.
  20. AmericanRockFan

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    I know there's only one ball to go around, but if the Bandits don't want Benesch I'll happily take him back with the Rock.

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