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Discussion in 'Chicago Shamrox Forum' started by SharpShooter7, May 31, 2009.

  1. SharpShooter7

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    Chicago Blackhawks President John McDonough has received way too much credit for the teams 2008/09 turnaround. He has dusted off marketing principles and concepts that were long forgotten, ignored or stifled by the previous regime.

    If McDonough wants to prove his mettle as a marketing "genius"; then the Blackhawks should resurrect the dormant Shamrox franchise, change their name to the Chicago Chiefs; change the team colors to the Blackhawks red, white and black with a uniform that is a Lacrosse variation on the hockey team’s Indian head jerseys.

    The advantages of having the Chiefs play out of the United Center are numerous and would be the envy of all National Lacrosse League teams. The Hawks (along with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls – same color scheme by the way) own the United Center and as a result they control valuable revenue streams for arena parking, concessions and souvenir sales. The front office is already in place including a marketing staff and the ticket operations department. The opportunity exists for ground breaking cross promotion that could prove to be the NLL model of the future; perhaps the way pioneers of Lacrosse had envisioned when the game moved into the box from the field back in 1931.

    The Blackhawks rebound was like shooting fish in a barrel. By comparison, the Chicago Chiefs initiative would be like selling an elevator to Geronimo; a challenge any worthy marketing “genius” would savor.

    If the Blackhawks took on this challenge, I think it’s a lead pipe cinch to work . . . it’s fun to dream.
  2. dougm

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    instead of alot of us trying to find conspiracies why the rox folded - owners only wanted to flip - the most obvious one at the time was it was side effect of the credit crisis. i imagine it had to be hell for teams posting performance bonds and letters of credit in the wake of lehman's failure. it is possible that given any other time that the rox would had played last winter, or at least find a buyer.
    if the nhl has reportedly doubled its bank line of credit to $200-million even w/ the coyotes bankruptcy, the southern teams in disarray, then maybe your idea is not so far fetched. credit is becoming easier to get and from credit we get opportunities. the nll is no hobby but a deeply entrenchged organization like chicago should find the capital if they want to.
  3. laundrytime

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    I think there are some really good ideas here, but I don't think playing in the United Center is a good idea...yet. John McDonough is an excellent marketing man but I don't see how he could get the place more than half full for a while. Here in Chicago, if you're playing to half-empty buildings, you're not getting any media coverage. Also, they would be playing third fiddle to the Bulls and Hawks for scheduling, which could mean some pretty bad game dates and times.
  4. laundrytime

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    While the credit crisis probably did cause the team to fold in the end, I don't think it is a "conspiracy theory" that the owners wanted to flip the franchise - it seems to be close to reality, in my opinion. The fact that the parent company of the Shamrox is still operating out of Atlanta, plus the rumors of the team landing in the southeast, would seem to support the theory of a franchise flip.
  5. raptorspike

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    I would have to agree with laundrytime. While the man behind the Blackhawks' revival might be able to bring NLL back to Chicago, it shouldn't be at the united center. At least not at first. Maybe if they could in a couple of years should they prove to need the space. But the Chicago NLL franchise would need to play at either the Allstate Arena or Sears Centre. I know people are going to say that they couldn't succeed in the Sears Centre. Teams can succeed any reasonable location as long as they are promoted well and given public exposure (press, TV)
    As for the changing of colors and name, I don't like it. We already have two teams in northern Illinois with that scheme and colors: Blackhawks and their AHL affiliate Rockford IceHogs.
  6. silvanthalas

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    Yes, it took the death of Bill Wirtz for the Blackhawks to be able to turn things around - after all, Bill didn't even want the games on TV. Yes, his son, Rocky, has done some of the obvious, like putting games on TV. But that doesn't explain selling out every game at home this season.

    McDonough deserves all the credit in the world. He worked for the Cubs for +20 years before moving to the Blackhawks, and he's responsible for the Cubs being what they are today in terms of popularity.As one example, he started the Cubs Convention, which was the first of its kind in sports; he brought that to the Blackhawks, making them the first NHL team to have such an offseason convention. And they sell out.

    But otherwise, yes, the NLL would trip over themselves to have a John McDonough involved in the league.

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