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  1. Willie B let go by the Mammoth today, per his facebook page.

    Change is a good thing :)
  2. silvanthalas

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  3. Wings-4-Life

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  4. mtbf

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    Wow the greatest off season move since JT was traded for Nichola
  5. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised he lasted this long. After engaging with a visiting team player in the penalty box a couple of years ago, he should have been immediately fired.
  6. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member

    You are full of it, Chuckie. Bubba Durno was an idiot hack who totally egged Willie on, hit him with the penalty box door twice and then sprayed water on him. If you call standing up for himself and getting in Durno's face 'engaging' so be it. Willie should have dropped the punk.

    As I've stated, Willie walked a fine line through the years. There were many a glorious night in the can where he did an amazing job of getting that crowd fired up. I have no doubt he is a big reason the Mammoth were successful in terms of attendance, game experience and excitement level.

    I was not always a fan of some of the antics, but Willie B. will go down in history as a legend of Mammoth lacrosse.
  7. RockStar

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    Willie B vs. Durno might have been an entertaining tilt.....Durno's a pretty big guy,and, has fought pro lacrosse players.

    I have zero idea of Willie B's ability to fight, but, that doesn't even matter. The "Slapshot" quality of this, and the fact that it would make sports highlight reels everywhere would make it awesome.
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    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    All the best to Willie B in the future
  9. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Bubba likely would have dropped Willie who is nothing but hot air and was paid to be that.

    But no matter, Wilie is gone and the Mammoth and league are better with him gone.
  10. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    So, do you think Willie B should've been 'engaging' fans in such a manner before or after games? Because he did that at least twice as well. I witnessed one of these incidents, sitting behind the Mammoth bench before a game... as did Govett, who saw it from the bench.

    And yeah, the fan who he was 'engaging' would've dropped Willie B's worthless ***.
  11. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    about time that grade A doucher is out of the NLL he was embarrassing
  12. k-hawksfan33

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    Honestly **** Willie B. I haven't logged into these forums in months but if anything was gonna motivate me it's the chance to point how much of a worthless sh*thead this guy is one last time. The one memory that sticks out is him cheering and mocking Matt Vinc after he was injured but there are plenty of other incidents i just can't remember at the moment. Lets be honest Mammoth fans don't need some obnoxious idiot to pump them up. They're loud enough as is and I'm sure the loss of Willie B won't affect the atmosphere that much.
  13. jjc1733

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    Yup, totally agreed. As much as I "hate" Vinc (being a Bandit fan), that was totally ridiculous and he should have been suspended right then and there. Bye Bye s*it head.
  14. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member

    Wow. I guess maybe you have to be a Mammoth fan to appreciate Willie and what he accomplished. Or a Mammoth fan other than Craig or some of the active posters. I have heard of several fans who cancelled their tickets because he won't be there. I'm not even a big Willie fan or supporter, but I do appreciate what he did for Mammoth lacrosse and to advance the league. I would never speak up in support of all of the antics, but it is going to be hard for whomever takes over to amplify the energy level that he did.

    And for the record **** Vinc. Lame, over-rated and lacks courage. Don't even bother trying to tell me about how great YOU think he is. I'm sure that's where this will go now. A glorification of that A**hole. **** him.
  15. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    5 NLL Goaltender of the Year awards.
    3 NLL Championships.
    Better save percentage and GAA than Bob Watson, Dallas Eliuk, Steve Dietrich, Pat O'Toole and Sal Locasio -- all are in the NLL Hall of Fame.

    Those are facts. Deal with it.
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  16. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I'm convinced.

  17. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member

    I knew as soon as I made the post someone would follow with BS related to that tool. Irrelevant to me. To me, that Vinc ***** will always be a liar and a fool. Own that.
  18. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member

    If I wrote what I truly believe about John Grant, Jr. I'm certain some fanboy would post another set of irrelevant stats and BS.
  19. 1sttimelongtime

    1sttimelongtime Active Member

    I cannot comment on the lying or fool part. I would say that he is the best current goalie (team Canada seemed to agree). I do miss mocking him when he dances to the net though.
  20. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Got owned on the 'lame' and 'overrated' points. He's top 3 in the NLL and on a list of all time greats.

    If he's been a dick to you or someone you know off the floor, well, OK, but, that wasn't what you attacked with your first post

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