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    A good run at the end of the season. Colorado's transition game and D just a little stronger last night. Stealth O is in good shape as is their goaltending for next year. Likely need to replace at least of 3 D guys next year to have a consistent winning team, especially at home. Hope they are back in 2018.
  2. Vin

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    Get to see something of a turn-around this season - especially as a trend. Reminds me a bit of Edmonton a few years ago.
    I'd like to see this team go deeper in the playoffs and get more asses in the seats and give Denise a reason to be happy that she's sticking it out.
  3. Dave S-C

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    What was the attendance like? Can't find the official attendance number for the game and all I have heard it wasn't a sell-out, probably about 4500 range. I would have thought they would have managed to finally fill the place considering it was post-season and they promoted this game more than any other since the team moved to Langley.
  4. wacklax

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    A lot of lax going on last weekend. Jr A JrB minor tourneys all had an affect. I heard 4011 for butts in seats.
  5. chuckster

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    That was the reported attendance on the stat sheet.
  6. wacklax

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    I have found the reported crowds to be pretty accurate this year. Other years not so much. Other sth have said the same to me.
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