this team will be one and done in Connecticut

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by Hollywood42, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    are they serious with that schedule? i mean ****ing seriously? **** you mike french you are a scum bag POS
    you get a clean slate with this franchise in an arena THAT IS ALL YOURS in the Winter NO NHL NO NBA NO INDOOR SOCCER NO AFL
    NOTHING!!!! then you spit out 5 count them FIVE sunday games 2 that are at 1pm im at a loss for words at this point,,, and i shouldnt be with this franchise
  2. well it looks like you have two options. option one is to wait until the league puts an expansion franchise back in philly and root for them just as hard as you did the wings(and im not joking or being a jerk, i really hope they do put a team back in philly, for not only the sake of the league but for you fans that really cared for all those years.) or option two, learn to love teal and purple, and bears and wolves, and Defense-Hit'em and that other stuff we have here in the 585
  3. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    ill probably be in rochester for the first bandits game ill wear teal (i do own a jamieson shirt) i have no shame i dont care i am a free agent
  4. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    Heh, it's helluva lot better than weekday games!

    Actually, with all those Sunday games, it's better for me to attend them than Saturday games, now that I got a new schedule for work, and Sunday's the only day of the week I don't have to worry about working on since I'm never required to work those days. No complaining from me! :D
  5. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    well duh you semi live up in that area
    im looking at that solid 288 mile drive 576 miles rd trip so sundays dont work so much for me
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  6. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Bus trips from UConn with Lil Swami leading the "Sucks" chant. Is a hard hat and face paint in her future?

    Seriously, the new team should tap rowdy college students for bus trips from Storrs.
  7. R.I.C.H.

    R.I.C.H. New Member

    H42, most of my Saturday evenings have been occupied by work. I don't expect to catch too many Saturday games. Before the schedule came out, I thought most home games would be on Saturdays, and I wouldn't be able to go to many of them. Now, I'm more optimistic that I could go to more games.
  8. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    thats good then
    im not trying to be selfish lol my team is gone its now up to other people to show up when the games go off more power too you if feasible
  9. xantis

    xantis Member

    Makes absolute sense. Get people in drinking mid afternoon, then they spend the evening spending money at the Casino.
  10. might go to that toronto game in CT . game done by 8, home by 2am.

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