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Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by MILLwasbetter, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. MILLwasbetter

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    Below are two photos from the same location of the team in Edmonton. The first is dated January 13, 2013. The second is after just winning the cup. It's a wonder the Rush lasted as long as they did in Edmonton. I think the Rush have set up some solid roots in Saskatoon, hopefully the reverse effect won't happen once the Rush aren't winning championships every year.

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  2. AmericanRockFan

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    I wouldn't be surprised if there's a dropoff once the Rush stop winning titles, but I don't think attendance numbers will drop to Edmonton levels.
  3. MILLwasbetter

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    Nor do I, I just thought it was an interesting time lapse from the same point of view. I forgot how bad things were in Edmonton. The blog from which I found those was of a Rush STH in EDM from day 1. He made it sound like the Oilers really wanted to buy the team and operate it their way and Urban just wouldn't sell. Hopefully they can get a success story out there, seems the interest from NHL ownership atleast was there. On the flip side, Bruce has fought through some rough years and must've lost money for a long time with the Rush. You certainly cant question his commitment to the league or his team.

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