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Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by Saskie Fan, Mar 14, 2018.

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    Hello Rush fans. Im a Rush Fan in calgary and will be heading to saskatoon on the 14th of April and want to see the Rush play the Swarm. Im in need of tickets hopefully in the lower bowl. How can I go about getting 2-3? I looked on kijiji and havent been able to find anything. Any help greatly appreciated
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    For lower bowl, kijiji is your best bet. But you don't really see much for games in advance on there. Try looking after March 24, and if nothing, then after April 7. Usually the majority of what's on there is just for the next upcoming game.
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    I see some groups of 3 tickets in Sec. N, P, and Z for sale through TicketBastard. One group is right on the glass for $55 each.
  4. I don't stop by here often anymore, so I just saw this post. Lower bowl tickets from the box office are basically impossible. I believe the lower bowl is completely sold out with season tickets again this year. Your best bet is to see what the various bars in Saskatoon have for tickets. I know practically every bar advertises on Facebook that you get a bus to and from the game, a game ticket and usually a drink for a certain price.

    Unfortunately for this board, the Rush fan base lives on Facebook and likely has no idea this board even exists. The best place to get Rush news (and really NLL news in general) is on the Saskatchewan Rush Fan Club - Unofficial page (https://www.facebook.com/saskrushfans/). I know the person behind the page (who I honestly have no idea who it is, but it isn't Kelvin Ooms aka the Rush Hulk) posts as many as the bar deals as they come across each week. That or Kijiji is likely your only bet to find lower bowl tickets as a rule. Playoffs you may have a better chance since last season some of the bars shrunk their playoff orders. Saskatoon is a very University city and the bars thrive during the school year and die in the summer. So until the NLL season is a September to April season, playoffs are going to be a little tougher sell in Saskatoon. All that I mean is that tickets are a little easier to get as some of the regular season season ticket holders (and tons are corporate seats) don't buy their playoff tickets.

    I sit in Section E and it is interested to see which seats are corporate and which are owned by individuals. Unfortunately, the 5 seats next to my pair are corporate, blue collar company seats. More than once security has had to deal with the knobs besides us who are drunk by halftime and can barely stand (most of the games there are a different set of employees out on the boss's dime). I heard things might be better the rest of the way as we were told by security last game, they would follow up with the company that owned them. So I suspect that boss that comes occasionally with his family and are well behaved might be using the seats the rest of the way.
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    September to April?!?!

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