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    What a Jeckyl and Hyde team! Tonight was a pretty complete game and the compete level was where it should be.. Very moving tribute to Kelusky to start the game. Toth was very emotional.. Those two were a big part of the first 10 years of this franchise's history.. Maybe they could be the answer for the coaching staff of the future? Anyways, good to see the win, not sure if it will be enough to get the ship turned around and salvage the season.. here's hoping! Go Roughnecks
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  2. Agreed. What a roller-coaster! That was a great game, lots of teamwork, felt cohesive, even felt like the guys were clicking much better. Crazy up and down. I was prepared for a loss, but very pleased for a win, especially well earned and well played.
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    I'm not sure "team" is the right word. I'm not the best at math, but so far this year the Necks are averaging 12.93 goals against. They let in 13 last night. To me that says it was a typical night on the defensive end. However, it's like the offense showed up and put up big numbers. I would point to them being Jeckyl and Hyde.

    Worst part is, we still didn't get a full 60 minutes. Those 3 goals in the last 2.5 minutes of the game was an unneeded lapse. Sure, you could argue they had a big enough lead, but that's not the point. The Roughnecks should have competed fully to the end and snuffed New England at 18-10. Maybe 18-11. If they start the next game like how they ended this game, we're back to the same ol' story of trying to come back from a big deficit.

    On the plus side, finally saw a good transition goal at the Dome. Hopefully the transition game keeps improving.
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    happens now and then even to good teams......The attack is bad for 45-50 minutes, and, puts the opposing D-men half to sleep. Cue lots of goals in garbage time, but, too little too late.

    Wish I could have watched this game. Key East contender upset in a trap game. Always fun!
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    I laughed so hard is Mike Board on something. When talking about the trade deadline he was saying he thinks this team is turning the corner and he is happy where they are going. Well they are going to the toilet so when the season is over and He and Malawsky are fired maybe then he might wake up. To little to late
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    Okay lacrosse fans out there I need some help understanding why the GM of the Roughnecks has not fired the current head coach. It is a head scratcher and maybe the bright lacrosse minds out there can explain why. First you have to look at the past to get to the current. So, lets back up to the end of the 2009 season when Troy C. left for back east after having taken the Roughnecks to the NLL Championship and came home with the trophy. They went 12-4 that season. In 2010 Bannister hired Dave Pym as head coach. A 10-6 season in 2010 and 11-5 in 2011 and off to the playoffs. The Flames took over in 2012 as owners and hired Mike Board as the GM. Pym takes the team to 12-4. So in 3 years as HC he as a 43-15 record.

    In 2013 Mike Board feels its the right move to fire a coach with a 43-15 record and hitch his wagon to Curt Malawsky who had been the assistant coach. A mystery how you fire a HC with the record or maybe a threat by the assistant coach that he would leave if not appointed as HC. In 2013 they drop to 9-7, but rebound in 2014 with a 12-6 record, losing in OT in game 3 of the NLL Final.

    In 2015 the team goes 7-11 and squeeks into the playoffs, goes 8-10 in 2016 and likely 7-11 in 2017 and might miss the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. I have commented for the past 3 years that the HC was the wrong fit and that the players have long tuned out his bullying, autocratic coaching style. Obviously Mike Board hasn't. Can anyone help me understand how a guy with at the end of the is season a 5 year 44-45 record as still be coaching the team. There is just too much talent on the team. So, the one consistent is the way the team is coached a likely a bad team feeling in the dressing room. Would love to hear what the bright lacross minds have to say.
  7. I can't figure it out either, except to say two things. 1. Malawsky is Head coach *AND* Assistant GM - so unless Board or someone above him with balls is gonna pull that trigger, Mouse ain't gonna fire himself. Or 2. (Tongue in cheek) The Flames organization has had the Calgary Flames hockey team mediocre and missing playoffs for vast amount of years that they just figure they will do the same with the Roughnecks, sigh.
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    I say you have to involve digby more. he has all the tools to be the next jake bergey and could be popping in 35-goals a season. I love watching Dickson and dobbie, but you there forgot its not a two man team but a two man game.
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    Digby will be involved as much as Digby feels like being involved. no more.
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    sad if that's true - kid has big upside.
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    While I like the comments on Digby and what he might and could do, getting him more involved is true. However, how do you get him more involved when the biggest problem on the O is giving him the ball. Why? Because superman has the ball all the time and won't share with Digby or most of the O. Have a look at supermans shots on goal, missed shots on goal and turnovers. Superman has 201 shots on goal and Digby 76. Supermans 88 missed shots on goal is more than Digby's total shots. Do the math. Tired of reading on the Calgary website how he's the hero and breaking records is the goal. His refusal to move the ball has cost the Roughnecks a number of games. Move ball, like the Stealth did last game, and you win more than you lose.
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    ^^this is part of the woes.

    Dickson is awesome, but, it feels like he's taking all of his normal touches plus all of the ones Evans used to take.

    there is great secondary scoring out there with him, and, let's face it, one of them is, at very least, not double teamed on those shifts.
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    2008 wings were on a roll until it became the athan ianucci show. he got the record but our last team of destiny just wracked up losses.

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