Tony Resch Returns!!!

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by Beat Up Guitar, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Beat Up Guitar

    Beat Up Guitar New Member


    September 29, 2003

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    Former Philadelphia Wings Head Coach Tony Resch will return to the bench as an assistant coach for the upcoming season, it was announced today by General Manager Marty O'Neill.

    The National Lacrosse League's 2001 Coach of the Year, Resch had compiled a 59-27 regular season record over his coaching career, leading the Wings to four League Championships ('1994, '95, '98, '01). Resch officially announced his retirement in 2001 to focus on his new position as Athletic Director for LaSalle High School in Philadelphia.

    For the upcoming season, Resch will oversee the Wings defense while working closely with head coach Adam Mueller and assistant coach Paul Deniken.

    "Personally and professionally I am excited to have Tony rejoin the Wings as defensive coach this season," said Wings Head Coach Adam Mueller. "His knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm for the sport and this organization will make us a better team this season. To add a coach who has had tremendous success as a player and coach at every level is a big push for our organization. With our staff in place and the preseason approaching I look forward to the drive for another Wings Championship."

    In addition to his coaching experience Resch also wore the black, white and grey of the Wings for six seasons from 1988-1993, accumulating 22 points (12G, 10A) as a defensive specialist and capturing two additional Championships in 1989 and '90.

    Last season Resch helped guide the Colorado Mammoth to an Eastern Division title while serving as the clubs associate coach.

    "While my family and professional obligations continue to be my top priorities, I want to contribute as much as possible to the team, especially at the defensive end of the floor," said Resch. "I have the utmost respect for Adam Mueller and the job that he and General Manager Marty O'Neill have done the past couple of seasons and will do everything possible to aid them in pursuing another NLL Championship."

    The Philadelphia Wings open their season on Saturday, December 27, 2003, against the Rochester Knighthawks at 7:30 p.m.
  2. boxlax md

    boxlax md Member

    Great news!

    This is great news! A real quality guy returns and will only lead to good things for the club. Make me even more excited for the season.
  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    This is great news! Tony should be able to lead that young defense and help the Wings return to their championship form.

    So....with all the people who wanted Tony back, how come this topic is so dead? It seems there was more cause for conversation when he was in Colorado. Come on Wings fans....lets welcome Tony back!!!

    Thanks for coming back Tony....and LETS GO WINGS!!!!
  4. HollywoodDougie

    HollywoodDougie New Member

    I'm glad he's back with us and not with Colorado. Welcome home Tony!
  5. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    Do you think that Mueller will be looking over his shoulder? Good move by O'Neill, might save his job.


    Adam Mueller has been named new Head Coach of the Wingnuts!!:rotfl: :rotfl:
  6. AGuindon14

    AGuindon14 Active Member

    This is awesome. I am glad that Tony is back. This will get the players fired up. Hopfully Tony will be Head Coach, if Adam does not have a good season this year.
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  7. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    :::starts counting the days until Mueller leaves:::
  8. rnsykes

    rnsykes Active Member

    This is great. We finally got to steal something or some one from Colorado. I guess I'll stop badmouthing him now. Definately glad to see him back where he belongs.
  9. Ishtaboli

    Ishtaboli New Member

    With all due respect -

    It is my understanding this was not something that has been out there for "a long time".

    There would have to be a lot of considerations with an offer like this to bring Tony Resch back. It would not have been public knowledge due to those considerations and the fragile nature of a deal like this. To insinuate otherwise is untrue and conjecture on someone's part.

    I for one believe it is a smart move on the part of Marty O'Neill. He is trying to put the best possible staff in place, along with some player changes hopefully to allow the Wings to return to their former level of expertise.

    I wish the best of luck to O'Neill, Mueller, Resch and the rest of the staff and team.
  10. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Where are all the people who labelled him Traitor Tony??? :p

    What is it about the Wacho Center that makes teams bring back old names? Derrick Coleman? The Flyers do it regularly. Who's next? Pizza man?
  11. JR87

    JR87 New Member

    While I hope beyond all hope that Tony, or someone of Tony's coaching ability, will replace Mueller as HC, I don't think that Tony wants to be a head coach right now. I think he's satisfied coaching the defense due to personal and work obligations. While you have to put in the hours as an assistant coach, the head coach has even more responsibility.

    That said, i'm very happy that Tony is back. The defense should continue to improve. I wasn't looking forward to the season knowing that Flynn had left, and having to play the Rock, Bandits, and K-Hawks, 4 times each with a brand new defensive coach. Tony being back puts my mind at ease on defense. Now i'm really looking forward to the season...
  12. Hollywood10

    Hollywood10 New Member

    Wings win championship in 2001...then Tony retires, and Wings don't win another championship. Hum, Tony is back...Wings win 2004 championship?? YES, we think so! Welcome back Tony!
  13. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    He could still be called a traitor, just for a different team. :D
  14. Wingsfansec111

    Wingsfansec111 New Member

    The Wingnuts already have a coach. We have coach Egg! Coach Egg's contract has been extended through whenever he wants.
  15. Ishtaboli

    Ishtaboli New Member

    I don't care to point fingers and be rude. I made a statement in a business like fashion and assume there are no idiots here unless they choose to behave like one in a public fashion.

    The truth of the matter Mr. Mouth is that the misinformation was coming from your "source". Joe Public and Players tend to assume a lot when people are seen talking or it is "heard" a phone call was made. You took offense at a statement not directed at you but at the assumption of an individual that spoke to you and either broke confidence or promoted a rumour.

    People tend to take statements made here to personally I have noticed over the years observing. This is a message board, rumour mill and a place where information is sometimes deliberately leaked. It is a place where ideas are hatched and even taken into consideration for use. There is a world outside this board and I choose no to take offense. I will state here what I passed to you privately as something to consider, and it holds true not only in the sports realm, but business and life:

    "Braggart's are not often trusted, Only used."


    Again - best of luck to the Coaching staff for the upcoming season and I hope this opportunity is what Mr. Resch was looking for.
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  16. raylaxcoach

    raylaxcoach New Member

    Defense for now, possibly back as head coach in the future??? I don't care if Tony comes back just to give half time speaches. I'm just glad to see his personality and fire come back to the organization.
  17. stomper

    stomper New Member

    I am also glad Tony is back. It is nice to see someone of his caliber on our bench as it surely will boost EVERYONES play (and support of the team). I think JR87 has it right though, at the moment Tony is FULLY content with his role with the team. I doubt he would be with us if he wanted the HC spot and didn't get it. It also would be stupid if the team did not offer him the spot right off the bat since he was coach and did get 4 championships for the team. Fact Tony is here and ONLY an Assistant means he his content.....for now.
  18. stomper

    stomper New Member

    Actually MM, I disagree. There is in fact some idiots on these here boards, and it has been proven before.

    Since this move is SUCH a big one, I agree with 'Boli, this was not info that was 'out there'. People do assume a LOT when they see people talking. Simply because it MIGHT have been a topic tossed around does NOT mean ANYTHING. I am also pretty damn sure your 'contacts' knew diddly squat.

    Since there is 'talk' Ryan and Dallas retiring, you then MUST have the scoop right? Got the all important dates of retirement and sitting on them? :rolleyes:
  19. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    Ishtaboli, if I ever get into trouble with the law, I want you on my legal counsel. I don't really understand most of what you wrote, but it sounded confusingly intelligent....just the thing a jury needs to hear before letting a guilty man go. By the way, this is a compliment.

    MM, I'm not trying to start $hit with you, but was it really necessary to throw the "I wanted to get this out before" comment in there? I think that is what annoys people....the know it all attitude some people have on here.

    And before you even throw that back on me, stop. I am one of the few that actually does know everything. :D
  20. DaveatNLLLax

    DaveatNLLLax Active Member

    Consider this for a moment...........

    Am I glad to see Tony back? Sure am. Should Adam be worried? I don't see it. If you see anything coming out of this, is the learning curve Adam's going to get from Tony. I see this thread, and hear traitor? I don't think so. Think of it as a business set-up, and what Tony, as a favor for Steve and Colorado, did for the future of that franchise for years to come. His withdraw from the Wings was on the up and up, but consider that Tony was paid for his knowledge of the game, and the set-up, top to bottom, of a success franchise. Who did he learn that from? Russ Cline. Say what you want, Russ Cline and his partners brought us this, and have done so for 17 years. Tony took that to Denver, so the league can look at Colorado as the greatest success story in the league's history of expansion. The other teams that have re-located, will learn from this in one way, shape or form, and future expansion teams will learn from it. Adam will learn from it. We all benefit. Russ isn't stupid. Neither's the league. Who better to learn from? Tony is a product of success, and he's committed. His family does come first. He'll be present for most of the season. We'll he come back as head coach? Can't answer that, but I see him wanting to relax from this with his wife and kids. Consider he's been in it since the early 90's. His profession is a teacher by trait. He has learned the game, and learned the business along the way. Who better to compliment, than the man who taught you? Thank you, Russ., and thank you Tony. It's all about the business, and the league hasn't got over the hump yet, but it will.


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