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Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by AmericanRockFan, Aug 29, 2018.

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    While I'm not 100% sure, I think strippers are cheaper than escorts. Just saying...
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    When you’re a handsome man who attracts lovely ladies, they have a name for you. They don’t call you “a handsome man who attracts lovely ladies,” they call you AmericanRockFan.
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    Since I don't feel like waiting until next week to post this, here's the milestones to look for next weekend:
    • Tom Schreiber is still trailing Chris Gill for 14th all-time in goals. Gill had 74, while Schreiber is at 73.
    • Brock Sorensen is 2 penalty minutes behind tying Cam Woods and Sandy Chapman for 13th (Sorensen has 133, Woods & Chapman had 135), and is 4 penalty minutes behind Jeff Gilbert for 12th, who had 137.

    Riveting stuff, I know.
  4. R.J

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    You have too much time on your hands lol
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    Meh, to be honest I just have to take 2-3 minutes to update a spreadsheet I started about 5 years ago (THAT was the time consuming part). Nowadays I just had to quickly go through the game sheet and edit it weekly.
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    Spreadsheets rule \m/
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    I appreciate these stats
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    7 and 1, haterssssssss.
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    Consider me pleasantly surprised.
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    i thought the major to Jones was going to be the death knell......nice final stand on the pk....Rose and the D steal it
  13. AmericanRockFan

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    Also, those Seals jerseys look decent on display but on the floor I really didn’t care for them. It’s something about the grey that just seems bland to me - But I’m not sure what color I’d suggest changing it to, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut. But I did like the helmets they had - the Michigan Wolverines style decal (I know it was the trident) was kinda neat.
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  14. TofuBomb

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    Are Tom Schreiber's stats down compared to previous years? I haven't been blown away by him in the Rock games I've watched this season.
  15. Mr Boo

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    He's had 5+ points in every game and is on pace for 105. He had 94 in 2017 and 64 in 11 games in 2018, on pace for 104.
    He had 5.22 points/game in 2017 and 5.82 (in 11 games) in 2018. This year, he's at 5.88.
    He averaged exactly 2 goals/game over his first two seasons. This year he's at exactly 2 goals/game.
    He averaged 3.45 assists/game over his first two seasons. This year he's at 3.88 assists/game.

    His loose ball numbers are down and he has 2 penalty minutes this year compared to 0 in the other two years. By almost every metric, he's having his best season. That said, I agree that I haven't been as amazed as the previous two years. Perhaps we're just used to him performing at that level so it doesn't amaze us anymore. First world problems.
  16. anaconda

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    If you go by pts per game played


    So pretty consistent
  17. TofuBomb

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    Yeah, maybe I've just caught him on off nights or haven't given the game my full attention.
  18. RockStar

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    I am going to suggest that he is not as much of a standout because the rest of the cast is stepping up and pulling more weight

    I was dreading this year's attack numbers, but, so far:

    -Exchanging Reinholdt and Evans for Powless, plus a bit more Craig time/touches is working well.

    -getting rid of Hickey has gotten Lintner more time/more touches......he's too small to be a power forward, but, somehow, he's a pretty OK power forward. Love the heart !

    At the other end, the D is solid, and Rose is maybe having his best personal year behind it.

    Concerns I noted:

    San Diego reacted and adjusted to Rock attack in second half, and, to a large extent, Toronto failed to counter-adjust......two powerplays and one fastbreak shortie, so, what? One set attack goal in the entire half?

    And, check the shot count for Hellyer, Schreiber, and Jonesy - 39 shots for 2 goals!!!!!! I wish I had the shot counts broken down by quarter, but, the game sheet tells you that both of Powless' goals and all three of Craig's were first half, so, what? After halftime, they stopped looking for those guys and just whipped it into the goalie's chest or stick every touch??????

    If they're getting up to their old 2016-2018 tricks, it won't work against the stronger teams.

    I am just glad they pulled it off so I didn't have to go to work on the FB Group with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers when the rabble blamed "11 GA / .88 SV Pctg" Rose for "blowing the game"
  19. R.J

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    Very few players will outwork Linter, the kid plays every shift hard, and even gets some flashy goals.

    I really don't get the Rosie hate tbh. Yeah, he's not Whip, but no one is, and Rosie's been pretty solid for us the last 3 years IMO. Admittedly, he was poorly inconsistent when first brought back.
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  20. anaconda

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    If they're getting up to their old 2016-2018 tricks, it won't work against the stronger teams.

    Who are the stronger teams you are referring to?

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