Troy Breaks Bandits Record

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by mtbf, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    First Bandit coach to miss the playoffs two seasons in a row.

    Fun Fact: The only coach with a least one full season with a record worse than Troy as Bandit coach Les Wakling .417.
    He sould be fired on Monday
  2. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    Ahhh, the good ol' Les Wakling days....
  3. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    He should have been fired on Sunday morning. It's time to move on from Troy.
  4. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to see John Tavares as head coach, Blaine Manning as assistant coach for the Bandits in 2019 :p
  5. Komarem

    Komarem Guest

    It is end of business day on Monday. Can someone please give me one good reason why the coaching staff/front office hasn't been blown up yet? Clearly, this regime isn't cutting it. Five years ago we were told it was all Darris' fault. We were told the cupboards were left bare. Now what's the excuse? This regime now has more losing seasons than all the combined years of the Bandits' existence prior. The Bandits have the best fans in the league, but they're only going to put up with this crap for so long. The powers that be need to show us now that this is all unacceptable.
  6. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Given that:

    1. The Bandits were 8-10, and

    2. Going into the final weekend, no East team had already locked-in a playoff spot and none were eliminated neither, and

    3. 9-9 New England is in despite having the worst offense and 2nd worst defense, and

    4. Buffalo lost to Vancouver at home but won at Saskatchewan on the road and lost to Colorado on the road all by 1 goal, and

    5. Buffalo had the 2nd best offense but the 3rd worst defense, and

    6. Buffalo lost the championship to juggernaut Saskatchewan only just 2 years ago

    that's evidence that they are not that bad and they lost some games due to the typical random problems like bad penalties or unforced errors.

    Furthermore, consider the years when the Bandits made the playoffs because 8 teams got in. I haven't checked but maybe that streak of making the playoffs wouldn't have been so good if the current system was applied.

    Buffalo's #1 problems were Rochester and defense. Hmmm... whatever happened to former Captain, BDS?

    Anyway, I don't see a need to clean house just yet but Buffalo needs to fix the weak spots.
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  7. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Buffalo's goals allowed was statistically better this year without BDS. And Rochester has Vinc, we have Buque/Higgins.....who would you rather have?
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  8. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    The difference in GA improving without BDS can't all be attributed to BDS's absence. Anyway, I 'm not sure I' d take Matt Vinc. He's got many seasons now - at least 13 if not more.

    When Tavares got the All-Time Career Goals record in 2008, who did he score against? Matt Vinc.
  9. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    Because there is no reason to do it fast.
    Vancouver hasn't. Toronto hasn't. A week or two makes no difference. Except to work out deals with the replacements. First, decide on the GM. If you hire a new guy, give him (or her, for the politically correct) input on the coaches. Then make sure you have agreements in place with the new guys.
  10. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, although there is a Hawk fan who thinks you can blame 1 player when a defense doesn't play well. :rolleyes:

    I'd take Vinc over Buque or Higgins right now. It would be an improvement of about 2 on the GAA and that would have made a big difference in a couple of games this year. The time to get Vinc was in 2011 when Colorado held his rights -- the only problem is that it would have likely cost us John Tavares and we had a pretty solid guy in Mike Thompson already here.
  11. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I think I'd want the new guy in place several weeks before the final protected list is due at the league.......although, unless you are hiring from within, the new guy doesn't even get to watch a practice or split squad scrimmage with the crew that's here, so......I dunno, maybe just deal with the expansion and entry draft, and then use the ensuing couple of months before season start to figure out what next.

    feel the same way about Toronto......not sure if there is any point rushing.
  12. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    The only point in rushing is to sign a top candidate that might be scooped by another team if you wait. I don't think there's an obvious saviour for Buffalo, Vancouver, Toronto and each of those teams may want to address their GM situation in addition to their coaching. Without obvious candidates for management roles, why rush into a decision that might bite you in the ass later if you move without due diligence?
  13. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I could see Buffalo and Toronto possibly going after the same people if they want to replace the coach or GM (in Buffalo's case). Vancouver would likely stay with a West guy. For the Bandits, things might be a little different now with the resignation of Russ Brandon who was (in title) the Bandits team president. Kim Pegula is taking over that role and maybe she might see things differently.....although, I don't have high hopes for that.
  14. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    While I know that Kim Pegula is aware of the Bandits' existence, I don't think that her taking over as the president of ONE Buffalo will impact the Bandits or the Amerks in the slightest. The Sabres and the Bills on the other hand.....
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  15. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    Beginning to wonder if the Russ Brandon "Affair(s)" has caused a delay in the Bandits meetings/decisions.
    No other teams have made moves yet, so I guess it's not like they're late, but still makes me wonder!
  16. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    So, nothing has happened yet.
    Does that mean no changes? Is it just still early, since no other team has made moves either?
  17. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Maybe they're waiting for the playoffs to be done before they make any changes. Jack Goods should be asking the question again of Loffler as to the status of the process.
  18. GoodsOnSabres

    GoodsOnSabres Active Member

    Expect a decision one way or another in the very near future.
  19. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    Step 1: Buy Knighthawks
    Step 2: Let their staff go to Haftalax.
    Step 3: Re-Assign any current Bandits staff, no longer wanted here, to Rochester.
    Step 4: Hire new staff for Bandits.

    Just a guess..........Chugger, Troy and Ritchie to Rochester.
    Johnny becomes the new Bandits GM.
  20. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Bandits become the daddy, Knighthawks become the bitch? :cool:

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