Troy Breaks Bandits Record

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by mtbf, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. bmb2jn

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    The Knighthawks missed the Playoffs 2 years in a row, yet Curt Styres gets and Knighthawks management gets universally praised on here.

    Not sure how the Bandits situation is different.
  2. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Look at what he did with the team. He traded away fan faves like Grant and Shawn Evans, won 3 cups in a row, then rebuilt the team again and nearly won a Cup this year. The year after they won the Cup in 2014, he got Graeme Hossack and Brad Gillies in the next draft (2015) and then Josh Currier and Kyle Jackson (2016) and then Jake Withers, Austin Shanks and Eric Fannell (2017).

    By contrast, the Bandits got Anthony Malcom (2015 - traded for Durston), Justin Martin (on roster) and Kevin Orleman (cut) in 2016 and Josh Byrne and Chase Fraser in 2017. What players would you rather have?? Who would you rather have as your GM?
  3. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    That's pretty far fetched. I think if the Pegulas start new in Rochester, they bring in an entire new crew for GM and coach.
  4. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    Is this a serious question? It's probably because of the three four years before they missed the playoffs and the one year after - four trips to the finals and three Championships. Plus the Knighthawks are set up with tons of young talent and could be a very good team for years. Bandits are still rebuilding.
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  5. AmericanRockFan

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    I had the same thought. Over the past 7 seasons, the Knighthawks have had a better team than the Bandits on 6 occasions. I don't know how else to prove that Styres > Pegula when it comes to NLL ownership.
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  6. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Don't bang your head against the wall arguing with stupid people. I don't know what more the Hawks fans want from Rock fans (like you) and Bandits fans (like me) who marvel/admire/envy at what Styres has done with his team. The only place, surprisingly, where Styres isn't getting respect is from the people in Rochester. Maybe that shows where the real problems are.

    I still don't understand why Pegula wants to step deeper into the Rochester market with the Hawks. Sure, it gives them more leverage with negotiating a better lease deal and renovations at the BCA but the fan support for both teams is spotty at best.

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