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U.F.C. in trouble????

Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by Richyrich11, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    Randy Couture retired
    and the company is worried about Chuck Liddell going too.I personally don't think they have anything to worry about with the likes of Anderson Silva, Forrest and others. Boxing didn't collapse when Ali or Sugar Ray ( either one ) retired. There is going to be someone who steps into the void left by retiring stars. U.F.C. is still better then Boxing IMO and I would rather watch two men, or women kick each other in the teeth than have 3 dirty boxing judges tell me the guy that just won the fight didn't get the stuff knocked out of him.
    Any thoughts????
  2. N Barbera

    N Barbera New Member

    UFC is in major trouble if Dana White does not stop his ****. Randy is gone again, he blew the Fedor deal, Cro Cop retired, Shogun might not resign after his 3 fight deal ends, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and Matt Hughes career are at the end. Forrest Griffen is not marketable enough to sell the company. The only true fighter they reall have is Rampage left. The Fedor deal falling through really kills the UFC. The main event of UFC 78 is Evans vs Bisping, sad, sad.
  3. Fabio gump

    Fabio gump New Member

    the problem I see right now is that the guys they banked on to replace the old guard havn't produced.

    They took a big gamble bought out Pride FC, they figured those guys could step in and keep the pace going for another year or two. Most of the Pride move to UFC has been a bust. So far the only ones that has panned out was Qunitin Jackson and Anderson Silva. Silva wasn't even a major player in PRIDE. I'm thinking Fedor saw what happened with Cro Cop and decided it wasn't worth the chance of getting embarassed.

    TUF show helped market and develop up and coming fighters. So far it's worked, but no one has taken the next step to be a true contender. Diego Sanchez looked like the odds on favorite for a true title shot, but now has a 2 fight losing streak. Forrest Griffen is a marketable name, but they need a few more guys to step up to the plate like Sanchez, Florian, Koscheck and Leben for example.
  4. N Barbera

    N Barbera New Member

    The major thing with Fedor from what several sources have told me was that he wanted a 4 fight contract worth 1.5 to 2 million a fight. Dana white counter offered with $750,000 a fight. Also Fedor did not like the UFC rule that you cant fight anywhere else other than the UFC. means for at least a year he cant fight in Russia. 1.5 to 2 million a fight for the Russian Red Devil is a steal in my oppinion and Dana white really screwed that up. Reason Cro Cop didnt pan out is because he knew after his 3 fights he was retiring. The loss to Check Kongo forced him to go out with 1 fight left on his deal.
  5. Ronin

    Ronin New Member

    I don’t think they’re in trouble, but I think they should look at a few internal things before it snowballs.

    Once upon a time, I used to admire Dana White for what he had done for the sport but now realize that either power has gone to his head or he was always just a douchebag.

    The Fertita’s really need to realize that this is business and childhood friend or not, Dana may be at the peak of his usefulness with the UFC. His ego could very well end up doing irreparable damage to the UFC if he’s not brought down off his high horse.

    It doesn’t do much to change the image of this sport as barbaric when you have a president who can’t give an interview without going into a tirade of F-bombs and talking about bitch-slapping people.

    But, the good news is that in 9 months, Randy's contract with the UFC will expire (according to several sources, including his agent, regardless of Dana saying he still owns him if he comes back) and to the best of my knowledge, I have not heard Randy himself say the word "retired". Honestly, I see him going for that one last hurrah against Fedor when the contract runs out this summer and then hanging them up after, win or lose.
    That would **** Dana off something fierce if he wasn't able to get the biggest heavyweight fight in the history of the sport under his banner. I would just sit back and laugh. :rotfl:
  6. N Barbera

    N Barbera New Member

    Randy said it on mmanews.com that its not a retirement but a resignation from the UFC organization, that has to **** Dana off big time. Randy will pop up somewhere else, maybe elitexc, or k-1, or even m1 over in russia to fight Fedor. With Liddell, Hughes, and Ortiz on their way out. Its gonna be hard to make Forrest Griffen your poster boy. The only fighter I can see the UFC really plugging the hell out of is Quinton Jackson, maybe Dan Henderson, and wanderlei silva.

    also a great rampage video for any fans of his
  7. ernie

    ernie New Member

    What about Anderson Silva, Brandon Vera, BJ Pen, Joe Stevenson, Gabrial Gonzaga, Nogueira, fomer heavyeight champ Tim Sylvia, Lyoto Machida, Shogun (loss or not he's still considered one of the best fighters in the world), Tyson Griffin and a whole list of top lightweights in Frank Edgar, Marcus Aurelio, Spencer Fisher, Clay Guida and a guy they are already marketing like crazy, Roger Huerta. On top of Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva like you already said. Tito Ortiz is supposed to re-sign and potentially fight Henderson and Cro Cop still has two fights left on his contract. Seems like a pretty good bunch of fighters to me. And that's just in the UFC. Zuffa also owns the WEC where Paolo Filho, Mayhem Miller, Rob McCullough, Urijah Faber, Chase Beebe, Jens Pulver and Cub Swanson fight. Also just read that Frank Trigg might be signing with the WEC to fight Filho. Another pretty good looking list. Way to jump the gun bro. That's over 20 world class fighters just off the top of my head. Maybe you better stick to lacrosse.
  8. ernie

    ernie New Member

    Also, Randy is not a kickboxer, so K1 is not an optoin. Did you mean Hero's, who barely has a heavyweight let along light heavyweight division.
  9. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    Wow!! :eek: This is almost word for word what I just told a co-worker of mine today. I think Dana's true colors are starting to show. Just a lucky Mother Fu@@er who was in the right place at the right time. The Spike deal really led to the UFC taking off. He has little to do with the success (other than his part in arranging the TV Deal and TUF) and the UFC wouldn't suffer adversely without him. Season by season I have seen him digress, becoming less and less professional and more and more egotistical.
  10. ernie

    ernie New Member

    Oh man, and the biggest and most marketable guy of all, George St. Pierre! :rolleyes:
  11. Wing Eater

    Wing Eater Active Member

    As long as White has the tv deals UFC will be fine. K1 and the other MMA groups are far, far behind in marketing. Even if the better fighters are elsewhere, the UFC will still give off the image of having the best fighters because they are on tv.
  12. ernie

    ernie New Member

    Well in the US they are ahead in marketing, but I assume you mean Hero's when you say K1, because K1 is actually a kickboxing organization, is well ahead of them in Asia. That list of fighters I mentioned don't need TV to give off the image of being the best, they are the best in most weight classes, it's results not TV that made them the best. If you took all the top teir guys in this sport, easily half of them are currently under contract with the UFC or even WEC. The others are scattered in five or six other organizations.
  13. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    This is pretty much what I was thinking when I started the thread, The only thing in Bert's , uh , I mean, Ernies post is the personal attack on someone giving their opinion, If you feel the need to verbally abuse someone over their opinion please tell it to your " Rubber Ducky " :eek:
  14. ernie

    ernie New Member

    You watch MMA and are this sensitive about my post... wow!!! Let me get you a tissue. If that's how it is, I must say I was offended when you referred to me as a seasame street puppet. :eek:
  15. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    C'mon now I know it got a giggle out of you... Your post got one out of me, and thats what my post was all about,,, not to offend, just to get a laugh . ( and you did didn't you ) :D
  16. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    10 years later and the sport is still going strong :cool:
  17. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    Yeah....no signs of it fading yet. Meanwhile boxing continues to be somewhat irrelevant to most people.

    One thing I am curious if anyone else noticed or agrees with...the UFC/MMA have become so popular in both viewership and as a viable career path, that the competition within the sport has grown significantly. To me, this has lead to many more faces in the sport, thus resulting in fewer "megastars". 10 years ago it seemed that there were only a handful of dominant fighters and everybody knew them. My impression is that these days there are a lot more "players" that rise and fall through the rankings. Perhaps this is just because I don't have the time to keep up on it as much as 10 years ago?
  18. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    No, I definitely agree with you that this is the case nowadays, even compared to when I started following the sport closely in late 2008. The quality of the fighters and the parity in each division is better now than it was back then, and as a result the UFC doesn't seem to need to push individuals as heavily as they did back 10 years ago. But at the same time, they also have far more events now than they did ten years ago, so it's a little harder for the casual fan to keep up sometimes (I consider myself a diehard fight fan still, but even I'll tell you there's times where I fall behind on news of who's fighting who, and so forth).

    One heavyweight I'd be sure to keep an eye out for if I was you is Francis Ngannou. The guy seems to be a beast.
  19. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    I think the introduction of women fighters has been a big factor in interest. They have been able to maintain interest, even after turning over stars a few times. They aren't going anywhere, unless concussion laws wipe out all contact sports.
  20. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    That's the only thing that would wipe out a sport like MMA now since it's a pretty global sport at this point, and it's actually a much safer sport than boxing now because the fighters don't take anywhere near the amount of head trauma that boxers take.

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