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Discussion in 'OLA Forum' started by elzgo, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. elzgo

    elzgo New Member

    Has anyone heard about the St. Catharines Athletics fiasco? I hope it isn't as bad as I've heard...
  2. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    What fiasco is that?
  3. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member


    Read the OLA Forum, there's some hearsay/speculation, and a reproduced article from the Hamilton Spectator.

    (Get to the Forum by going to www.unofficialola.com and following one of the forum links near the top)

    It's certainly not pretty, but it's a case of boys being boys, and those boys being well fuelled by liquor.
  4. elzgo

    elzgo New Member

    Please keep in mind that my information is second hand so if its more fiction than fact, I apologize.

    I heard something about most of the team being arrested for fighting, destruction of property and some other stuff. I hope that its been exaggerated and that only something minor really occurred...
  5. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Reposted from Unofficial OLA site:

    Arrests end night of camping for St. Catharines Junior A lacrosse team
    By Paul Morse
    The Hamilton Spectator
    (Jun 7, 2005)
    As team captain, Ian Llord thought he had everything under control for a fun night out for the boys.

    Saturday evening was warm and delightful, the campsite he'd booked for them spacious and the Pelham campground upscale -- the kind of place where management asks you to drop off your car keys for the night if the function includes alcohol.

    Sunday morning, though, Llord and his St. Catharines Junior A Athletics lacrosse team were behind bars.

    Picnic tables burned in the night, porta-potties lay shattered on their sides, and car windows smashed. A Mississauga man was rushed to hospital with a broken jaw.

    "It looked like a war zone," a shaken Tony Miklavcic, manager of NET Camping Grounds in Pelham, said yesterday.

    Around 2 a.m. Sunday, police received a 911 call from a group camping near the lacrosse team complaining they had been assaulted.

    Two Niagara police officers arrived at the NET Camping Grounds in Pelham.

    Many of the lacrosse players had already crawled into their sleeping bags, but in the darkness, several partyers began to taunt the police.

    Manager Tara Miklavcic escorted the two officers out to the tenting area at the back of the sprawling 69-hectare complex. The partyers retreated into the dark woods.

    "You wouldn't believe what they were yelling at the cops," she said. The obscene tirade from the trees included telling the female officer to "come get us so we can rape you."

    Police reinforcements arrived from across Niagara region. As 12 officers advanced on the woods, the partyers began to hurl things at them.

    "They were firing lacrosse balls at the police, and throwing beer bottles," Miklavcic said.

    Twenty-nine people were detained and carted off to various holding cells around Niagara region. Most were released several hours later.

    Police arrested three people, and charged them with aggravated assault and mischief under $5,000. They included a 17-year-old Hamilton resident on the team. He cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

    Two St. Catharines men, including an unsigned member of the team, were charged with mischief, one with breach of probation.

    "We obviously don't condone this type of behaviour," said Junior A Athletics president Borys Melnychenko, adding that the campout was not a team-sponsored event.

    NET Camping managers say team captain Llord and the police tried hard to get things under control.

    "The cops did a fantastic job. They were very professional," Miklavcic said. He agreed to allow the team to camp because he knows many hotels and other campgrounds don't want to book youth or young adult teams anymore, he said.

    "They won't take twentysomethings because of the damage they cause," he said.
  6. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Oh, I thought Elzgo was referring to the St. Catharines Majors team. This is about the Junior A team. I was concerend because the Majors team has some Bandits on it. Thanks to RockStar and Meathead for clearing that up.
  7. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member

    What I wanna know is if Officer Pat McCready was a responding officer and if he hucked a few lax-balls back at the punks? :D Kids these days!!! :confused:

  8. shameshame

    shameshame New Member

    :D :rotfl:
  9. toros_00

    toros_00 Moderator

    These guys are complete idiots; especially when they yelled out that they wanted to rape the female cop. :eek:

    It was kinda funny when the president said this was not a team-sponsored event.........yeah right :rotfl:


    LETS GO BANDITS!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
  10. elzgo

    elzgo New Member

    I guess this is a dig at me for forgetting that they have a the same name. Not to worry-I have big shoulders, I can take it. :D

  11. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Do we have any follow up on this?
    Has the team taken any action against the players involved?
    Anyone? Anyone?
    Beuller? Beuller? :D
  12. altonj37

    altonj37 Member


    Looks like the lid has been clamped pretty tight on this one. Even former members of the team are having a hard time getting details.

    Lots of rumours floating around.....
  13. elzgo

    elzgo New Member

    Would it not look better for the team to be honest about what happened and what they are doing to rectify the situation? When they keep tight lipped it makes them look like they have something to hide. In my opinion, it looks better on the team/organization to 'fess up (not all the details because there are some things that should stay within that circle) but say something like; Some players did get out of hand in an event that was not directly related to the organization. We are currently working with the players to find out what exactly happened so we can make sure this sort of thing does not happen again....etc, etc.
    They don't have to go in specifics but acknowledge it and show what's being done to fix it. And that is my media tip for the day, tune in next week when...just kidding


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