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UMBC MLL Factory

Discussion in 'NCAA Lacrosse Forum' started by Hopkins45, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Hopkins45

    Hopkins45 New Member

    Interesting article in this issue of Inside Lacrosse Magazine about UMBC not being as a high profile school say as Hopkins,Virginia and Syracuse but they have contributed quite a few pivotal players to the pro lacrosse ranks. Nll has had a few former retrievers over the years, but the MLL has had quite a few recently. Mundorf, Westervelt, Hopmann, Pollion, Kimminer and Wimer, there has been a few others taken by the MLL that choice not to play. The Retriever class from 2006-2010 actually has been the most successful group of players UMBC has had as far as most wins, most conference titles and most appearances in the NCAA D-1 tournament. Yes UMBC did win a d-2 title in 1980 and they did appear in the d-2 championship game the year before when they lost to Adelphi, but their program really took off in the last seven years. Alot of people contribute this to Coach Zimmerman, the article mentions that Zimmerman is all about reinforcing the basics. While alot of other schools have recruited the bigger, stronger players, Coach Zimmerman has recruited smaller faster players. He doesn't teach his kids to do anything more than play sound fundamental lacrosse. Mundorf, Westervelt Kimmner and Pollion have made an impact in the MLL, I don't think it will be long before Hopmann and Wimer joins them. My friend's son graduated this past May, it was fun not only watching him play, but alot of these other players I just mentioned as well. The UMBC lacrosse team- actually both men's and women's teams are very close knit groups and both the women players and men players are best friends with each other, it was always great to see that. UMBC doesn't have a football team and from what I could see the Lacrosse team received alot of support from the school,fans,students,parents and etc. I imagine this is the same with Loyola who also doesn't have a football team. I think UMBC will continue to be succesful and we will see future players from this school in the MLL and the NLL. By the way, it is a beautiful campus and it's only like fifteen minutes away from Inner Harbor.

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