Unassisted Goals and the Men Who Score Them

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    Good read

    First off an story like this cries out for a list so here it is

    Mark Steenhuis (1),
    Geoff Snider (2),
    Brodie Merrill (3),
    John Grant Jr. (No. 4),
    Steve Toll (5),
    John Tavares (6),
    Shawn Evans (7),
    Dan Dawson (8),
    Curtis Dickson (9)
    Jordan MacIntosh (10)

    As for what type of player gets unassisted goals one thing that ties all of these players together except for Snider is how good they are with their sticks. Players with great stick skills are much more likely to intercept a pass and more likely to finish when given a break or 1v1 situation. I would think many more UA goals come from intercepted passes than LB's. The reason being the scoring player head is up and almost always pointed down field when the pass is intercepted and very often because the passing team is attacking or transitioning all their players are instantly caught flat footed leading to many clean breaks and 1v1's.
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    Snider makes sense for his faceoff scoop and go moves.

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