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  1. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    This forum used to have a lot of information going around. News, gossip, and aspirations. What happened? For a team with league leading fan attendance, we sure have the quietest forums on this website. Doesnt help that the forums on the teams website are a joke at best.

    I am very excited to watch the team this year. Westy did pretty well last year, sad to see him go but have to look at the positives. Crawford should help a bit. Noble being in the entire season. Eli seems to have beefed up a little (thank god, Noble scored more points than he did and only played half the season). New captain and even though I am sad Grant is no longer captain I am certain our new captain will help the team do better than year than a .500 and I am thinking as this is the last year in JGJ's contract this will be his last season. No goalie change, but hopefully Wards mind stays in the game. Seems he wasnt there the whole season in terms of effort last season and Buque did amazing in the net. Our offense was always decent. I am excited to see the back end beefed up. Ball finally gone (lackluster player in my opinion) and a little bit more beef on the D is always good.

    Sad to see Willie B leave, but I am curious who they got to replace him. Hopefully not the guy who filled in last year when Willie couldnt make it. He was terrible and he knew it. Langtry would be great!

    I will finish this off with a little bit of hope. I know a lot of people in the fan base past or present dont like JGJ. I still think hes a great player even if his attitude needs a bit of work sometimes. I would really like to send him off to his retirement with a Champions Cup. I believe we can do that as a team, and as fans we can sure support them as best we can! GO MAMMOTH!
  2. Mtn_Scott

    Mtn_Scott Active Member

    There was about about 10 Active posters in this forum and the Mammoth website. Some have moved on as life moves on. Some lost interest in the Mammoth product (I count myself as one). Mostly I think that "Fan Forums" like this are a dying breed as other forms of social media have taken over.

    Plus the people here are Jerks. :p
  3. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, go **** yerself! :D

    Happy New Year, brother.
  4. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Hey, I resemble that remark. :eek: :drunk:

    And you just lost my vote as the replacement for Willie B.
  5. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    social media kinda only aids in my opinion. Not a lot of real discussion. Just trolling and rude comments. Doesnt change that the forums for other teams are still active with comments from time to time. Alas, cant force people to post. Owell.
  6. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I agree. Most social media is full of one-off comments. There's rarely an actual conversation. Thus why I'm still here.
  7. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    And yet, teams like the Mammoth think social media is the future. Blah.

    Grant unfortunately still has two more years left on his contract after this season (not that contracts mean much in this league). He also took two penalties early in the game tonight (one of which the Swarm scored on, balancing out his GWG), so if he wants to retire after this season, I'd welcome it.

    Dunno who the guy is who replaced Willie B, but he sounded like an actual professional, albeit one who also has a voice straight from a hard rock station somewhere.
  8. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    I would like Grant to finish out his contract. Much like Tavares and Gait, it is nice to have a relevant historical player still in the league as long as they are still producing. I count myself as lucky to be able to see such legends as Gait and Tavares play in Orlando before they retired and the team folded.
  9. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    See i actually thought that the one penalty where Grant shoved the swarm player from behind was uncalled for. That was just sloppy terrible play. Maybe he assumed our special teams could handle it or something but still. The other was a holding call and idk that it was holding. It was a bit of a push but idk that i would have called it 100% holding. I didnt much like the announcer. Better than the "fill-in" they had but doesnt get into the game as much. He does sound slightly more professional, but doesnt seem to fully be aware of whats happening. Granted hes knew, but i lost it when he pronounced the swarm players name wrong. Belisle (beh-l-isle) was pronounced belizzle. I lost it. I couldnt stop laughing. I am sad to say that my season tickets went up in price, cool lights show on the floor and outside the building, but what is it with those cheap brocure pamphlets handed out. I swear if my season ticket holder gift is a damn cookbook again im gonna lose it.

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    Too bad that Willie's replacement was not good. You need to KNOW the game to CALL the game.
  11. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    It took Willie B more than 10 years to start knowing the first thing about the game. So, not too worried.
  12. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Excellent comment.
  13. Jake Clawson

    Jake Clawson Active Member

    Comments on random things brought up.

    The new announcer was pretty good. He apparently was the Cutthroats announcer for the two years they were around. He has a good voice and sounded engaged most of the time. The fact that he botched the opposing teams location (Minnesota instead of Georgia) a few times suggests he's not a neophyte to the sport - oddly, it's a mistake that a newcomer wouldn't make. While his personality is still being shaped, and he wasn't perfect, I found his first game promising.

    JGJ...well, he continues to be JGJ. As always, there's at least two fancy-pants passes per game that fake-out not only the defensive players but his teammates as well...leading to a loose ball. Yeah, if his teammates are on the same page, those passes can completely leave the defense in the dust and lead to some open net. But it seems his teammates are just as likely not to see them coming.

    His two penalties were strange, as they both came with him on defense. He's almost certainly the slowest player on the squad - why is he staying in on defense during a turnover? Was he the only one in position to do so? (I'd have to rewatch the preceding plays.) I realize sometimes it's a bit of a CF and you gotta quickly decide whether to stay on and be a less-than-ideal defenseman, or head for the bench and effectively leave your team down a man for a few seconds. But it's surprising how often it at least appears JGJ made the wrong call. That said, despite all that, I think he's still producing, and in general, seems to be a net positive overall.

    As far as the lack of posts...well, a few years ago, the Mammoth FO did their best to get everybody on this board (and others) to ditch them to post on their own forum on their website. Then, of course, they deleted the boards...

  14. snowkitten

    snowkitten New Member

    I don't know what happened on this forum, I never came over here as frequently, there was just too much going on for the limited time I had. But you can thank the Mammoth for killing their own forums. Things were still pretty active when they kept taking them down. And then they promised over a year after the last time that they would be back up which, yes, they finally did get something up, but they pretty much killed it with the year + it was down and then they replaced it with an inferior "social media" like system that no one seems to like. I know I don't. And while social media is important, as we've all pretty much said, that's not where discussions happen. I'm sure the Mammoth organization thought no matter what, the fans would continue to be there. And they're not. A large number of long time season ticket holders have given them up, many more have mentioned doing it.

    As for the game, some of our new players are definitely showing promise, but it's still early and Mammoth seem to like to start strong and fizzle....just like they do in the second half, so while I will try to remain optimistic, I will admit that I am also a bit pessimistic this season.
  15. theSloth

    theSloth Member

    I'm trying to figure out if this makes you cautiously optimistic, or capriciously pessimistic.

    At least you're talking about how dead it is in here. No one has posted in the Stealth forum since 11-19-2015.
  16. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    I tried making a post last week but it said it needed to be read by a mod and never showed up... I hate the Mammoth's "forum" system now. Its awful. I agree I dont like how sometimes Junior fakes out them and his own team. The penalties in the first half from him were desperation at best. Little too much reliance on his special teams to stop goals on the power play maybe?
  17. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I'm still here cause quite frankly none of my real life friends like lacrosse.
  18. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    We sould make new topics for all the different subjects above the forum would look less dead.
  19. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    i agree my real life friends dont like lacrosse either. But still really happy mammph won despit all inlacrosewetrust trust picks and ilindoor picks we still beat the odds.GO MAMMOTH!!!
  20. snowkitten

    snowkitten New Member

    Yeah....I don't know which is a better fit either. :cool:

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