US Lacrose Magazine: multiple new expansion teams will be announced in coming weeks

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by TofuBomb, Sep 13, 2018.

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  3. TofuBomb

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    Really? We knew New York, Boston and San Francisco teams would be announced in the coming weeks? I certainly didn't.

    Edit: Apologies for the typo in thread title
  4. WingsNut423566

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    Think it was a vancouver paper awhile back. Where the writer tried to pin Nick down on teams in NY and California and East Canada and Nick was all no comment.
  5. TofuBomb

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    That's not a reputable source saying this is happening, and it's happening in the coming weeks. At least not to me.
  6. BIG E NY

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    So it's the Warriors in San Fran, Tsai in NY and the Garden in Boston as owners. Once the Arlottas sell to the Predators, every team will have big money behind it.
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  7. IAmDroot

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    Nashville could be a great spot
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  8. Vin

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    Why do you say that?
    I am not debating that; just wondering your reasoning...
  9. IAmDroot

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    Just seeing how they've taken to hockey, I could see a solid cross-over fan base
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  10. toad455

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    That new Nashville ownership group is also reportedly interested in several additional teams including an arena football team and a WNBA franchise
  11. toad455

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    So 15 teams for 2019-2020? If they're looking at additional teams, might we see 18 by 2020-2021? Too many, too fast?
  12. Wings-4-Life

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    At least my dream of playing in the NLL is still very much alive.
  13. BIG E NY

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    They're going to have to rush some young goalies before they're ready.
  14. liveone

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    I'm pretty sure that the author of that story, Marisa Ingemi, has a perfect record over the last few years of NLL scoops. She reported Tsai in SD and the new Wings moths before they were announced last year. She said at the time Govett was leaving Colorado to run the SD team. I think it was Govett that tried to discredit her at the time as "just a blogger."

    At the same time she said the second round of teams would likely include Halifax, Dallas, and NY. I also recall reading at the same time that the Golden State Warriors had pretty much signed on the dotted line but were waiting for the 2020 season after their new arena opened - not 100% sure if that was her or not, but no one else has been scooping NLL news lately.

    It sounds to me like something happened with Dallas in the last few months. There was a combine scheduled for July that was quietly cancelled and there hasn't been any buzz about a team there in a while. Maybe Boston or LI has been fast tracked to replace it?
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  15. Rick716

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    Too many too fast I think. Halifax makes 12. If you go 3 beyond that, we're at 15. I'd say if you hit 15, (from 9 the past season), we should freeze indefinitely. Stabilize what you have and see how the new markets work out. Not to mention the dilution of the talent pool. New York, Boston (for the 3rd time), and maybe San Fran gives you 3 more major US markets. I'd like to see Montreal to continue into Canada. But that should be it.
  16. mtbf

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    at 18 teams so is mine I was something like the 45th leading scorer in the last season of the BCLL
  17. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Not to nit pick but Rochester makes 12.
  18. Tom Wersderfer

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    I can see Nashville still being considered for a team. Years ago when the Swarm were still in Minnesota, I heard from a reliable source that they were moving to Nashville but apparently that deal fell through and they wound up in Georgia. I have no idea why the move to Nashville didn't happen.
  19. Rick716

    Rick716 Well-Known Member

    12th market- 9 last year plus SD and Phil., makes 11 and Halifax makes 12.
  20. chuckster

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    That would mean adding 6 more teams in 2 years. I don't think that's wise. Sakiewicz did say at one point they would add teams and then stop to evaluate things. There are not 18 quality starting goalies now so unless the league has a plan to develop guys for that 1 critical position, the expansion teams could be looking at some lean times when they start out.

    Just look at the Wings right now. Their goalies are Diruscio, who has had terrible numbers and is only 1 step above a cardboard box in net most nights, and Buchan who is likely only on the roster because he had one really good summer in Peterborough playing behind an NLL All-Star caliber defense.

    Add 5 or 6 more teams to the mix and it's looking mighty thin.

    I remember the 2016 draft and there was talk of 3 solid goalies coming out -- none of them are starting right now and IIRC, and I think 2 of them have already been cut by their drafting teams.
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