US Lacrose Magazine: multiple new expansion teams will be announced in coming weeks

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by TofuBomb, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Also on the topic of Georgia relocating. Move them to Dallas and call them the Texas Swarm. Sounds better anyways.
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    I think you're reading into things way too much.

    I'm sure the casino knew the max capacity before they bought into the team. It's not like they're looking at the books and saying, "****... we need to squeeze 5000 more in just to break even." There's a few modifications they could do with the current seating to add quite a few more seats in the lower bowl if they needed to. Hell, the first season they didn't even have half of it open because the seats behind the penalty boxes had to be physically modified to open without the last 3 or 4 rows. I'm sure if the average attendance gets to a level that justifies the expense, you'll see some of the closed areas open up.

    As for the Saturday thing, the Mohegan Sun VP for the CT Sun and the Wolves took the blame for that at the STH meeting last season. She said it simply came down to her being fairly new at the job and not realizing that she needed to block off dates over a year in advance. When it came time to work out the league schedule, there was nothing left. She promised then that it wouldn't happen again and started to make good on that this year with
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    The wings being back won’t make a single ounce of a difference on New England’s attendance. Why would it? On any given home game you might see 2-3 wings jerseys . It’s not like this big influx of wings fans said
    “Oh man I gotta go to Connecticut every other weekend”.no that was just my dumbass
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    I don't think anyone was driving 2 hours from Boston to go to a game either. Maybe if they had a weekend already planned at the casino. I have found that people are generally too lazy to go more than 10 miles from their home for anything. I coach youth field lacrosse in CT and we have parents who won't bring their kids to road games if the town is more than 15 or 20 minutes from home.
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    16 teams by 2020-21


    New England
    New York


    San Francisco
    San Diego
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    Thanks for the info on that. I just compare it to the situation with the Rush. A significant number of STHs are people who come from places other than Saskatoon - anywhere from a 60 to 150 minute drive away for each game. Putting a second team in a place like Regina or Lloydminster would definitely have an impact on Rush attendance.

    The problem I do see for the Black Wolves though is they could become a losing team pretty fast. They've been weak on defense for a couple of years now, the goalies they have are unproven in the NLL, and the core of forwards is starting to get up there in age. Combine that with trading away pretty much all of their top draft picks for the next 3-4 years (and getting raided in further rounds of expansion with no picks to recover other than compensatory picks for losing free agents) and it could be a recipe for disaster in terms of attendance.
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    no need for four divisions. Leave it at 2 with top 4 getting in. if they decide to do any non sense like that, 2 conferences with 2 sub divisions as you laid it out, West and Northwest in A. Northeast and Atlantic in B. Top 2 in each division make it. Then personally, I would reseed 1-8 for the chance of buffalo/Toronto, sask/ calg type of championships. That would be awesome.
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    Didnt read everything, but why would the Bwolves be in trouble? The owners get a cut of the casino/restaurant/ mall money.
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    They in reality have about 1500 hardcore fans then the rest is groups and players club comps their average actually improved a bit this year
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    Really? Wow, that's the first-ever Walmart that I know of that ever sold lax sticks. This is something I am a stickler for too; whenever I go into a Walmart, I check the sports section to see if they have lax sticks.
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    back in the golden age of the Rock, local WallyWorld stores carried crappy lacrosse sticks.......Linwood brand, flimsy 6000 series Aluminum alloy shaft, poor quality plastic with an outdated non-offset pattern....might have been based on the earliest plastic sticks - laser hiwall or ball hog.

    they were cheap, but, that is the only nice thing I can say.

    have not seen anything other than toy sticks for years
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    Female heads though i just looked today
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    I can't recall seeing lacrosse sticks for sale in a Wal-Mart, although I also haven't shopped there in years. The only time I've seen sticks sold in stores other than Dick's is that Wegmans sells the kiddy sized toy sticks, which I've bought for my nieces, in the summer time.
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    Yeah, I found that weird too. Maybe they're already in the bag and he's looking ahead.
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    “We did a game of the week on Twitter and those were averaging an audience of 300,000 350,000 viewers with an average watch time of 57 minutes.”

    That seems like an awfully high average watch time. With all the other inaccuracies in the article, I'm thinking this is just another one.
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    there isn't enough talent for 20 teams. I'd stop at 16 until further notice. And the league should stay out of the southeast. We have twelve now, add in New York & Boston for 2019-20. Then San Francisco & Dallas for 2020-21. That's 16 if no one relocates. Stabilize those 16 teams before thinking of expanding past 16 teams.
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