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Discussion in 'Vancouver Ravens Forum' started by Daryl, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Daryl

    Daryl New Member

    The Ravens website has now been relaunched, you can visit it here:

    They are now taking tickets through their online system for a deposit on season tickets. Just $25.00 to hold tickets.

    Ravens web administrator
  2. YBNormal

    YBNormal New Member

    Good luck. A month isn't much time to get 2500 season tickets sold, but it can be done. How are they advertising it?
  3. Daryl

    Daryl New Member

    Ravens season tickets

    They are going through the loca media up here, as well as the Governing body for lacrosse in BC, the British Columbia Lacrosse Association. Even by word of mouth alone the message seems to be getting out. We'll see how things go and if they need to do more, like take out local ads, etc.

  4. laxjunkie1

    laxjunkie1 New Member

    Hey daryl I hate to say this but you guys don't seem too interested and may be dropping the ball already!!!I am a huge lax(ravens )fan and was wondering where was ANYONE from the ravens at last nights adanacs -bellies game??Probably the most anticipated game so far this year and not a peep??Who do you think is supposed to buy these tickets and support our team??? You should hire people like myself and others who go to about 40 or 50 games a year, not people whos friends know the owners cousin or something..Hopefully you'll read this tonight friday and get someone out to... I would guess the coq -poco junior game tonight.Once again these are the grassroots fans you need to attract.. I played hockey at gm place one night and saw about 500 raven bobbleheads in a storage room,maybe showing up @ local games and offering these or tshirts as prizes to attract or even let people know whats going on..What kills lacrosse in b.c. -van is that noone other than the fans talk about it,,no radio t.v. etc I talk to my friends @ work ALL THE TIME and guess what?? They have started going to local games,Get the word out please and lets push hard this time.Good luck LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAVENS!!!!
  5. Fabio gump

    Fabio gump Active Member

    btw, Darly

    I need to say welcome back to the message board! It good to see one of the old vets, and the more knowledgeable lax fans from the left coast ready to talk up lax again.

    Hopefully the Ravens will make thier ticket quota and be the first franchise to offically rise from the dead.
  6. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything for sure, but Daryl's job as webmaster doesn't necessarily make him a guy in a position to hire Ravens staff.

    One thing I have noticed about die-hard lacrosse fans is that many know they can do a better job than the people who are actually doing the jobs.

    If you're the man the Ravens need, you probably should track down management, contact them, and tell them exactly what you can do for them.
  7. Daryl

    Daryl New Member

    Ravens in the community

    Hi Laxjunkie1:

    I believe that there are plans to do as you suggest. I also believe the timing of the "conditional status" of the franchise did not allow anything to happen before the announcement, including the games you mentioned. I know the WLA Bellies were playing at Burnaby tonight and its a huge game and Poco was hosting Coquitlam in Jr. A action. Hopefully some of your suggestions will be considered and acted on by the Ravens management in the near future. you...also talk it up with friends who aren't in the lacrosse community and it does work. I try to support all levels of lacrosse and all disciplines (field, box etc) as they all are parts of this great game.

    As to the Raven bobbleheads...I'm sure there would be legal issues involved there. I know when we were redoing the masthead of the site we made sure we didn't put any Ravens, or former Ravens players up to be displayed...again due to legal or ethical issues.

    So far it is only conditional and everyone is working hard to try and meet those conditions.

    Fabiogump...thank you for the welcome back. While I haven't posted in sometime I do drop in on a regular basis to see what is happening with the league, teams and of course the great users of the Forum. Hopefully I will take a more active role in the future, especially if the Ravens do become a full fleged member of the NLL.

  8. Tom Wersderfer

    Tom Wersderfer Active Member

    Thanks for the updates, Daryl. I sincerely hope that the Ravens make their quota of season ticket sales and are back in the league next year. I'd like to see Dave Evans return as GM also as he's a great guy and has a ton of experience in lacrosse.

    Please keep us posted on how the season ticket sales are going.

    Good luck!
  9. raphilly

    raphilly New Member

    Welcome back, Daryl... always nice to have one of the wise elders of the online boxla community return to the fold.


    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    3 words for all ravens fans

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  11. stickdoctor

    stickdoctor New Member

    It's not going to happen. Toigo has obviously put the kibosh on the PNE deal - since he is the proverbial 800 pound gorilla with his lease at the Coliseum in this hockey mad town.

    GM Place did not make a deal that was survivable with the Ravens before, and why would that change now?

    Unless the PNE grows a spine and tells Toigo to STFU, the Ravens will not be in operation.
  12. stolenmonkey

    stolenmonkey New Member

    Have some Faith bro. It wil happen
  13. Bones

    Bones New Member

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    PNE Press Release:

    Media Advisory
    For Immediate Release – July 5, 2007

    Vancouver, B.C.: It is with regret that the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) today announces that it does not have a deal with the National Lacrosse League’s Vancouver Ravens franchise, nor does it anticipate a deal will be reached in the future. Despite talks between PNE staff and Ravens management over the past few months, the PNE has ultimately decided not to proceed.
  14. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    you got me?

    the ownership as reported has big bucks but my guess the old ravens' still leave a bad taste. this was much the case surrounding boston - the sudden withdrawl of the franchise really made it hard for a lease to get rewritten.
    still, there is no fan interest to open a lease. unless the the arena mgnt has some really sick guarentees, i think he had 8000 in the building w/out breaking a sweat.
    vancouver is def done for quite awhile as seattle must now be in the nll x-hares.
  15. stickdoctor

    stickdoctor New Member

    News hot off the presses...

    The following is what I received this afternoon - looks like the Ravens will fly again.


    Vancouver Ravens Lacrosse Club
    ...conditionally-approved new National Lacrosse League franchise meets one of two major conditions set by league in bid to operate in 2008

    VANCOUVER (MONDAY, July 16, 2007) - General Motors Place, the premiere sports & entertainment venue in British Columbia, will serve as home venue for the new Vancouver Ravens, the proposed National Lacrosse League franchise bidding to return to action in January of 2008.

    The new franchise received conditional approval from the Board of Governors of the National Lacrosse League on June 19th and was given 30 days to satisfy a series of conditions in order to operate for the 2008 NLL season. The two major conditions identified by the league were the sale of 2,500 Season Tickets by July 19th and the submission of an arena rental agreement meeting NLL standards and expectations.

    "Subject to our full approval by the Board of Governors of the National Lacrosse League this week, we're pleased to confirm our intent to play our home games at General Motors Place," said Bob Whitsitt, General Partner of Northwest Lacrosse LP, the proposed ownership group for the new Vancouver Ravens. "Given how important this condition was in the approval of our plan to bring the NLL back to Vancouver, we're very pleased with the approach and commitment of Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment in support of the new Vancouver Ravens and all British Columbia lacrosse fans."

    In order to reach the second major condition for approval, British Columbia lacrosse fans have been showing their support by reserving Season Tickets for priority seating. Deposits of $25 per ticket are being accepted IN TRUST and are first-come, first-served on the priority wait list. Fans are able to make deposits at

    Despite not being able to announce a confirmed venue until today, the franchise has already received more than 1,000 Season Ticket deposits and has written commitments for another 1,500 which it hopes to convert by the Thursday deadline.

    General Motors Place is owned and operated by Orca Bay and is regarded as one of the premiere venues in North America. It is the home of the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League and regularly hosts the biggest concerts on tour. With a capacity of 18,630 for hockey and lacrosse -- with Lower Bowl seating capacity for 9,000 -- it has also served as host venue for the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships and NHL All-Star Game and will host hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    --- 30 ---
    Ravens Lacrosse
  16. ColsLax

    ColsLax New Member

    Great news! Welcome back to the fold Ravens!
  17. RavenFan

    RavenFan New Member

    Just saw on Sportsnet

    Been a long time since I posted... but Ravens are back so I'm back :D

    Just saw Tom on Sportsnet Connected with Don Taylor for a good minute or two interview about the Ravens. Tom represented the team well and brought some good exposure talking about playing at GM Place. Hopefully it gets some more tickets sold, and hopefully Don's love of lacrosse gets more coverage of the Ravens on Sportsnet
  18. shameshame

    shameshame New Member

    welcome back boys and girls.....

    here is my shamrock plug :p

    Coq and Vic have a home at home series coming up this week hope to see some of you at game on Saturday.

    if you can't make the game will be netcasting the game. (audio only)
  19. McSwarmFan

    McSwarmFan New Member


    I'm a newer fan of lacrosse, but I know that BC without NLL make even less sense than when the NHL let the North Stars go to Dallas.

    I sincerely hope a team calls V,BC home very soon.

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