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    I think the way it works in Toronto is that when they pay for the box, they get 16 suite level tickets for every Leafs and Raptors match, and, have first right to claim the box for any other event.

    I have been to a number of Laffs/Raptors over the years in such luxury. The tickets for Leafs were face valued somewhere in the high $100 bracket, Raptors a little lower than Leafs, but, same order of magnitude. Might have depended on the night of the week and the opponent. So, call it $3000 in ticketing for a night, ~80 big league events, $250K per season??

    In addition to paying for all of the big league events, I think there is also a pretty stupidly high food+drink minimum. Usually, whoever has the box just arranges for a big buffet spread of premium sports bar food, host bar, an ice cream treat and coffee.

    The spread is pretty good. If I imagine they charge $30 a head for that, budget for 3 drinks per person average @$12, the ice cream treat at $10, and, the coffee at $4.....well, there's $80 a head plus gratuity and taxes.....call it a cool $hundy per person.

    You're into damned near $400K a season, easily, before you even buy any secondary events.

    So, if you have a company that is NOT $10s of millions per year that can justify their own box, you can do fractional boxes. I saw a number that had three or four companies' names on the plate at the door.

    You can also access some kind of a secondary market where companies sell off seats in their boxes when they can't use them. I once had a contractor take a handful of us to a game on tickets he scored from his insurer (the box owner).

    Funny story with this one - he was not responsible for meeting the food minimum, so, we got our snacks and beverages a la carte........ Holy shtt! You think you're getting hosed at the food/beer outlets in the concourses, you have to see a suite level catering menu!!

    Think along the lines of $38 for a medium peperoni pizza, $130 for a 30 piece sushi boat, $18 for a small share plate of veggie sticks, etc. :eek:
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    Rockstar, isn't TO the most expensive place to see a Nhl game? . sure looks like it. Yes only businesses own suites. A friend has links to a big acconting firm, and that led to.my only 2 suite sittings at Citizens bank Park and the Wells Fargo arena. Club Suites are perfect for individuals or small business, most of the perks, without free food, but semi affordable.

    Food was great both times in the suites.
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    with the exchange, and the market, I could imagine MSG actually being more dear than Toronto, but, it is staggering how big a cashbox ACC is
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    I'm not sure how much more a suite is at MSG than the ACC, but MSG is definitely pricier when it comes to concession prices. I paid $14 for a mixed drink at UFC 217, which was slightly smaller than your standard styrofoam coffee cup.

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