Well, I guess I am a Stealth fan now....

Discussion in 'Portland LumberJax Forum' started by yowzado, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. yowzado

    yowzado New Member

    I hope they don't mind that I will be wearing my Jax jersey's to their games!

    I also hope there are other insane LAX fans like smackem and I and they will be up for carpooling parties to and from the games...
  2. StealthDragon

    StealthDragon New Member

    You'll love the boys once you're actually cheering for them. I suspect you'll end up with season tickets like us.
  3. Smackem

    Smackem New Member

    I'm happy lacrosse will still be a part of my winter! Doyle and Duch won't be hard to cheer for. Martin on the other hand.........
  4. StealthDragon

    StealthDragon New Member

    Totally, pick and choose your favorites :) I still don't like the Jax just because of Guze and he's not even there anymore.
  5. Smackem

    Smackem New Member

    Hey SD, will I be cleared to finally get a jersey? ;)
  6. StealthDragon

    StealthDragon New Member


    At this point, I think so. Zmystere has a couple you'd probably really enjoy.

    I'm pretty sure your 'luck' is location based and not franchised based, so go for it!
  7. ITJaxfan

    ITJaxfan New Member

    I'm wearing my plaid Jax jersey to opening day. :p

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